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Teenager jailed for 17 years after stabbing 50-year-old man because he lied about his age on gay dating site

By Tanya Clark 6:51 AM December 4, 2017
Gubair Boshir

A teenager in the United Kingdom told police that he was frustrated that a gay dating site had a lot of “creepy” and “desperate” men.

19-year-old Gubair Boshir of Cardiff, Wales, said that his friends were successful in using a dating site to meet people so he decided to try it as well.

Boshir met the victim on the dating website for gay men called Fab Guys.

The two set up a time to meet when Boshir ended his midnight shift at a restaurant.

The teenager went to the man’s home at about 1:00 a.m., on Saturday.

When the man opened the door, Boshir became furious because he realized that his date had lied about his age.

Police said that the victim was a 50-year-old man.

Boshir placed the victim in a chokehold and stabbed him with a knife in his back, chest, and face, multiple times.

Boshir then stole £50 ($67) from the victim’s pants pocket. He later told police that he took the money as “a penalty” for lying about his age.

Judge Eleri Rees at the Cardiff Crown Court said that this was a ferocious attack and sentenced Boshir to 17 years and eight months in prison.