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Thief charged with murder after his armed accomplice was killed by pizza delivery man during robbery

By Mason White 8:23 AM December 5, 2017
Montel Smith

A teenager who tried to rob a pizza delivery man was killed during a shootout in Missouri.

Police say that 17-year-old Lavon Courtney Jr., of St. Louis, and an accomplice, Montel Smith, 24, attacked a man, who was in the process of delivering food for Imo’s Pizza at 10:20 p.m.

One of the suspects struck the driver in the head with a firearm. When the driver ran back to his vehicle, Courtney opened fire on him but missed.

The delivery driver, who police described as a 41-year-old Caucasian man, pulled his own gun and returned fire, hitting Courtney.

Courtney died at the scene while Smith managed to escape but was tracked down by investigators. Smith was arrested and charged with robbery and murder over the death of his accomplice.

The driver escaped with just a laceration on his forehead but has since then quit his job due to the trauma.

The police have ruled that the shooting was justified, which means that the driver had the right to open fire. The driver will not face any charges and that death will not be counted as a homicide.

According to city records, so far, there have been 191 homicides for this year. Justified cases including self-defense and fatal police shootings are not added to the list.