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Woman chops off her boyfriend’s penis because he wanted to leave her following years of abuse

By Tanya Clark 2:05 PM December 14, 2017
Johanny Diaz and Samuel Ventura Garcia

A woman cut off her boyfriend’s private parts after he spoke to her about ending their relationship, according to police in the Dominican Republic.

Puerto Plata police said that they have arrested 28-year-old Johanny Diaz after being accused of cutting off the penis of 44-year-old Samuel Ventura Garcia.

Diaz was charged with attempted murder.

According to the police investigation, Garcia and Diaz were together for about 2 years during which time she abused him.

Earlier this week, Garcia decided to break up with Diaz.

He told her that their relationship was over due to her abusive behavior.

Diaz did not say anything to Garcia at that time.

Later, Diaz spiked a drink with drugs and gave it to Garcia.

Garcia did not suspect anything and drank it.

After a few minutes, Garcia passed out.

Diaz grabbed a knife and cut off her boyfriend’s penis.

She then fled the scene.

Garcia called for help and he was rushed to a nearby hospital, where surgeons reattached his penis during a 4-hour surgery.

He was then transferred to a private clinic for further treatment.

Garcia’s brother said that doctors want to transfer the victim to a special hospital in Santiago to complete the treatment.

Doctors are optimistic that Garcia will make a full recovery.

During questioning by police, Diaz admitted to cutting off Garcia’s penis.

She claimed that Garcia held her against her will and defended herself against an assault.

Garcia’s brother denied the allegations, saying that Diaz abused her boyfriend all the time.