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Woman cut open abdomen of pregnant teen and stole baby because she suffered a miscarriage

By Tanya Clark 12:46 PM December 10, 2017
Gabrielle Barcelos Silva

A woman who was afraid that her boyfriend would leave her following a miscarriage lured a pregnant teenager to her house, cut open her abdomen, and stole her baby, according to police in Brazil.

Uberlandia police said that they have arrested 38-year-old Aline Roberta Fagundes after being accused of killing 18-year-old Gabrielle Barcelos Silva.

Fagundes is facing charges of murder, attempted murder, and kidnapping.

According to the police investigation, Fagundes was pregnant with the child of her 34-year-old boyfriend and then suffered a miscarriage.

Fagundes claimed that her boyfriend threatened to leave her so she hatched a plan to steal a baby for him.

When Fagundes realized that her neighbor Silva was pregnant, she lured her into her house by promising her baby clothes.

Fagundes mixed tranquilizers in Silva’s coffee, which caused the pregnant teen to fall asleep.

Fagundes then cut open Silva’s abdomen and removed her baby.

Silva, who was 8 months pregnant, died at the scene.

Several days before the murder, Silva took photos of herself and uploaded them on Facebook, where she wrote that this was the happiest time in her life.

Fagundes smeared some of Silva’s blood on her body and called an ambulance.

She told paramedics that she gave birth on the street and she was taken to Hospital de Clinicas.

Doctors became suspicious after tests showed that Fagundes was not the mother of the baby.

Fagundes then confessed to stealing the baby because she was afraid that her boyfriend would leave her following the miscarriage of her own child.

When Fagundes’ 14-year-old son got home, he was horrified to find Silva’s dead body wrapped in a blanket.

He immediately called the police.

Fagundes’ 34-year-old boyfriend was also arrested but he denied being connected to the incident.

The baby was said to be in stable condition.