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Woman devastated as thief stole her supply of breast milk she placed on porch for FedEx

By Mason White 12:10 PM December 5, 2017
Baby being fed breast milk (illustration)

A woman in California was devastated to learn that her supply of breast milk was stolen by a brazen thief.

Brooke Fong of San Jose said that she pumps a lot of breast milk and regularly sends the supplies to The Mother’s Milk Bank.

Fong gave birth to her baby boy and he did not like drinking from a bottle.

Since Fong’s body produced an excess supply of breast milk, she decided to donate what her son did not need in order to help babies with compromised immune systems.

Recently, Fong pumped 200 ounces of breast milk and placed it in a FedEx box.

She placed it on her porch for FedEx but a thief decided to steal the milk supply.

Fong was surprised that her box was stolen since it had a label, which clearly indicated that it was human milk.

Fong learned her lesson and will now drop of her supply of breast milk at a FedEx location.

Fong’s breast milk has so far been used to feed dozens of newborn babies who are kept in Intensive Care Units.