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Woman killed by family member’s 4 vicious dogs while trying to break up fight among them

By Tanya Clark 11:35 AM December 3, 2017
Group of dogs (illustration)

A woman has died and her friend is in critical condition after being attacked by their relative’s dogs, according to police in Alabama.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office said that 46-year-old Tracey Patterson Cornelius and Valeria Hinojosa were walking outside when their relative’s four dogs attacked them.

The dogs continued to tear them apart until the women were unconscious.

The Guntersville Police Department, the Guntersville Fire Department, the Marshall County Animal Control, and the Marshall County sheriff’s Office were all dispatched to the scene on Wednesday, at around 8:00 a.m., on Jason Road, just off Alabama 79 South.

Cornelius and Hinojosa were rushed to the hospital.

Cornelius succumbed to her injuries while Hinojosa is said to be in critical condition.

The four dogs remained beside the two unconscious women until police arrived.

Marshall County Animal Control captured the four dogs and numerous other dogs that were roaming in the area.

The dogs are being held in custody until a judge decides whether they will be executed.

Jacob Walters said that dogs always roam around in the area and chase people but there has never been a deadly attack.

According to the police investigation, Cornelius and Hinojosa were trying to break up a fight among their relative’s dogs when the animals turned on them.

So far, no charges have been filed.