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Young woman’s body fills up with her own feces after slip up during routine surgery

By Tanya Clark 11:29 AM December 3, 2017
Kelly Yeoman

A young woman in the United Kingdom is in extreme pain and at risk of dying following a routine surgical procedure.

34-year-old Kelly Yeoman of Bristol said that she can hardly breathe as her body is filling up with her own feces after being unable to go to the toilet for 15 weeks.

Yeoman’s friends have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for her treatment.

“Due to a slip of the scalpel during a minor surgical procedure, Yeoman’s bowel was knocked, leaving her with a collection of infection, which required two further surgeries to correct it.

“As a result, her bowel is now unable to function. She is now horrifically fecally impacted and her body is literally filled with poo. She is regularly vomiting a foul mixture of her last meal and her own excrement, and she is struggling to breathe.

“For 10 long weeks, Yeoman has been lying in her hospital bed, on a cocktail of the strongest painkillers, being subjected to a series of increasingly humiliating and painful procedures while nobody seems to be able to find a solution.

“At any moment, her bowel could perforate, which will result in a colostomy bag for the rest of her life. She is allergic to many things, including latex and oral antibiotics, and has a number of health issues all of which need to be carefully considered.

“Nothing seems to be working and we are watching her go gradually downhill. She is almost unrecognizable as our happy, strong, and determined friend. Every day, she seems to fade further away and we are all beginning to fear the worst,” Yeoman’s friends wrote on GoFundMe.

Yeoman is currently at the Southmead Hospital, where doctors are trying to stabilize her before performing additional surgical procedures.

The woman’s friends are trying to raise enough money to have Yeoman transferred to the St. Mark’s Hospital in London for private treatment.

Several surgeons have also offered to operate on Yeoman free of charge when her condition stabilizes.