Mother pulls out newborn baby from toilet after giving birth while relieving herself

Newborn baby (illustration)
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A newborn baby is lucky to be alive after his mother gave birth while sitting on a toilet, according to doctors in the United Kingdom.

24-year-old Gemma Williamson of Hull, said that she had to pull out her newborn baby from the toilet bowl after suffering from stomach pain thought the day.

Harvey Lee was born at 29 weeks of pregnancy while his mother was relieving herself on the toilet. Williamson had to pull out her baby from the toilet bowl.

Harvey Lee was not breathing and did not make any sounds.

Williamson yelled for her partner, 31-year-old Kevin Thompson, to call an ambulance. Paramedics who arrived at the scene, cut the cord and took the baby to hospital.

Williamson said that she expected her baby to die, but luckily, she got a call from the hospital, saying that Harvey Lee was fine.

He had to stay 7 weeks at the hospital because he was born prematurely.

Williamson and her partner said that they are not sure if they will have another child because they do not want to go through such an ordeal again.

Government takes away benefits from blind man who was unable to read letter they sent him in the mail

Blindfolded man (illustration)
By: Tanya Malhotra

A disabled man of the United Kingdom, is in shock after the government took away his benefits because he did not respond to a letter he could not read.

60-year-old Alan Moody of Stanley, said that he is unable to work due to suffering from cerebellar ataxia, which is a rare genetic brain condition.

The disease also caused him to go blind.

Moody’s doctor declared him unfit to work about 10 years ago, at which time he began receiving government benefits of around $500 per month.

Recently, the Department for Work and Pensions sent a letter to Moody, summoning him to their office in order to undergo a work assessment.

Since Moody was unable to read the letter due to his blindness, he did not show up at the office. As a result, his benefits were taken away.

Moody’s 65-year-old brother Terry, who is also his caretaker, pleaded with the government to reinstate the benefits, but they refused his request.

The government is standing by their decision, saying that it is essential for people to show up at the work assessment to make sure that those receiving benefits are still unable to work.

Mother smiles in mugshot after killing and mutilating 5-year-old daughter following an argument with father-in-law

Krystle Villanueva
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) People are outraged after a mother who killed her young daughter, was seen smiling in her mugshot.

24-year-old Krystle Villanueva of Hays County, Texas, killed and mutilated her 5-year-old daughter after having an argument with her father-in-law.

Villanueva has been charged with capital murder and second-degree aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She faces the death penalty if convicted.

Villanueva has been booked into the Hays County Jail, and her bail has been set at $1.1 million.

According to the criminal complaint, Villanueva allegedly stabbed her daughter, Giovanna Larae Hernandez, several times during an altercation with her 58-year-old father-in-law, Eustorgio Arellano-Uresti, who was also stabbed.

Police arrived to the home after getting a call from Arellano-Uresti around 1:00 p.m. on Thursday. Police officers who arrived at the scene in the 200 block of Willow Terrace, called in the SWAT unit for help.

The SWAT team entered the house and found Hernandez dead.

Villanueva was then arrested without incident. While being photographed for her mugshot, Villanueva smiled to the camera.

Officers intentionally kill pet deer in front of horrified owners

Faline the pet deer
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) The owners of a pet deer in Kansas, are angry after officers intentionally killed the animal in front of their eyes.

Kim Mcgaughey of Ulysses, said that she is devastated after watching game wardens shoot and kill her pet deer named Faline.

Mcgaughey named the deer Faline, after Bambi's friend. Bambi was a popular Disney movie. Mcgaughey’s neighbors found the deer before it began following her.

She then had an instant connection to the animal and decided to keep it as the family pet. Her daughter, Taryn Mcgaughey, has an 8-year-old son who loved playing with the deer.

Game wardens became involved after Kim published a post on Facebook, asking if someone had seen the deer, following its disappearance from the property.

Kim got a ticket for "illegal possession of wildlife without permission," as a result of the post. Three game wardens arrived at Mcgaughey's house and determined that it would not be safe to catch the deer.

There was concern that the deer might be carrying a chronic liver disease for which live deer cannot be tested. Taryn Mcgaughey recorded the wardens fatally shooting the animal.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism said that in the past, pet deer have killed two people in the state.

How To Get Revenge On Your Ex After A Breakup

Breakup (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

Breaking up a relationship with a person you loved is very hard.

It doesn't matter if you were the one who called it quits or if your former partner was the one who left.

The relationship broke down for some reason and it hurts a lot.

After the breakup, you may deal with feelings of failure, rejection and loneliness.

Here are tips to help you move on in a healthy way while getting revenge on your ex.

Let yourself grieve. You have to grieve the loss of the person you once loved.

Even if the relationship ended on a sour note and you now dislike your former partner for hurting you, take the time to grieve.

Do so by thinking about the good times you shared and grieve what you lost. This will help you get over the relationship, put it in the past and move on.

Grieving can be done in many ways such as crying or writing about your feeling.

Cut off ties with your ex. Whether your partner broke up with you and it crushed you or if you broke up with your partner because you were hurt by something they did, don’t communicate for any reason.

If there is a child involved, ask a third party, such as a mutual friend or a family member, to make the calls. Then meet at a safe zone such a police station or restaurant to get the child.

Get rid of mementos. Holding on to gifts or photos of your ex hold you back from healing and moving on.

Happiness is the best revenge. Remember that the world is a big place and you will find love again.

Don’t keep checking your ex’s social media sites for updates on what they are doing because if they have a new partner, this will only add to your misery and anger.

Instead, dress nicely and look happy, despite feeling down.

This will be the best revenge as it will make your former partner feel bad as they will assume that since you have moved on so quickly, they never meant anything to you.

Don't let them get you down. Keep yourself busy with productive things such as putting in more time at work or getting another job.

This will keep you busy and you will earn more money, which will only further irritate your former partner.

When you are not in a good place after a breakup, it is best to stay away from bars and clubs.

Getting drunk will allow your former partner to be happy to see you drinking your pain away rather than moving on from them.

You will also likely attract the wrong people as you are in a more vulnerable state during this time.

Focus on getting yourself in a good place. Do so by reclaiming your living space. Decorate your living space with things that you like such as placing posters on the wall or a new lively linen set.

This will help you feel more comfortable when you are spending time in bed by yourself.

When you look confident and you are productive, you may find a good person to share your life with pretty soon.

Scorned woman hangs posters shaming her cheating partner

The poster
By: Wayne Morin

Many people of the United Kingdom, took pictures of a poster that was placed on poles in their neighborhood.

They uploaded the photos to social media, where they went viral.

The posters were seen on lampposts on many streets in Warwick.

The woman named Linda, made the posters, which had a photo of a heart tied in a noose, to publicly express her anger towards her adulterous partner named Graham.

The woman laminated the posters to make sure it does not get destroyed by rain or ripped by winds.

The poster read: “If she is so good in bed you can stay there! The Mercedes keys are in the canal, locks changed and credit cards maxed out.”

HelenJaneWyatt, who saw the poster, and wrote: “Looks like Graham has been busted and the whole of Warwick knows about it.”

StevoBee said: “Appearing all around Warwick on lampposts. Graham might be regretting his little fling!”

Hot-looking model stands on street in bikini with a sign asking strangers for donations for breast implants

Juliane Snekkestad
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A hot-looking model of the United Kingdom, grabbed the attention of many people while she was standing outside on the street dressed in a bikini.

She brought laughs to many passersby who read her sign, in which she asked people for donations to pay for bigger breasts.

Many people asked Juliane Snekkestad for a selfie as she was holding the sign that read: “Model: Need money for boob job.”

Snekkestad, who is originally from Norway, came to London, where she is looking to collect about $6,000.

While many people gave her small donations, one man offered the model a whopping $1,200 if she agrees to spend one night with him, but she declined.

When the video of the blonde beauty was posted to the Internet, it was revealed that the model had no real intention of ever going under the knife.

She was collecting the money as part of a prank. All the money she collected was donated to a breast cancer research charity.

Woman hides stolen frying pan in tight fitting leggings

Sierra Coleman with the pot in her backside
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested over her bizarre attempt to steal a pot from IKEA.

The woman of St. Louis, Missouri, was spotted walking out of the IKEA store with a bulge in the backside of her pants.

Her tight leggings clearly did not help conceal the frying pan she was trying to take home for free.

A stranger recorded the unusual incident as loss prevention officers detained 28-year-old Sierra Coleman, as she was trying to get away.

Coleman argued that she should be able to go as the shoplifting charge is misdemeanor because the item cost only $30.

In her attempt to free herself from the loss preventions officer, Coleman scratched a female officer, which only added to her charge.

Coleman was arrested on two misdemeanors charges for theft and assault.

Police in Paris steal blankets from homeless immigrants to get them to go away

Homeless person (illustration)
By: Feng Qian

Police in France, are accused of putting the lives of immigrants in danger by taking away their blankets.

Paris police are reportedly stealing the homeless people’s blankets as temperatures are falling, an international aid agency said.

Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) said that this is done as part of a campaign of harassment with the aim of removing unwanted foreigners from the streets.

“The police should stop confiscating the blankets of migrants sleeping on the streets of Paris.

“These unacceptable practices put the lives of migrants in danger: teams from Medecins Sans Frontiers had to look after eight people who were close to hypothermia,” Frontiers said.

Actions like these comes as hundreds of new immigrants flood the city from countries such as Afghanistan and Syria.

Two men rape 15-year-old girl after getting her drunk with alcohol

Christian Acheampong and Ransford Buabeng
By: Wayne Morin

Two men were arrested after they were accused of plying a teenage girl with alcohol and raping her, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Now, 40-year-old Christian Acheampong of Duke Street in Rugby, and 31-year-old Ransford Buabeng of Morris Close in Rugby, were found guilty of rape at the Warwick Crown Court.

Acheampong was found guilty of one count of rape of a 15-year-old girl and was sentenced to 15 years in prison with a 5 year extended sentence.

He was also found guilty of one count of rape of a 16-year-old girl in a separate incident and sentenced to 12 years in prison, to run concurrently.

Buabeng was found guilty of one count of rape of a 15-year-old girl and sentenced to 10 years in prison in his absence after failing to arrive in court.

"In relation to the offense committed by both Acheampong and Buabeng, the 15-year-old victim was clearly targeted because of her age, plied with alcohol, and subjected to a degrading attack. Later, Acheampong struck again, raping another young girl he had made vulnerable through alcohol.

"Buabeng was charged and given bail, but stopped complying with his conditions and is believed to have left the area. The trial was heard in his absence and he has been found guilty.

“We are actively continuing to try and locate Buabeng, and are following a number of leads that have been generated from a previous wanted appeal,” Detective Sergeant Gareth Unett of Warwickshire Police said.

Both men were ordered to register as sex offenders for life.

Mother who adopted girl watches as her boyfriend rapes her for her own sexual gratification before killing the girl

Sara Packer, Jacob Sullivan and Grace (center)
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A 14-year-old girl lost her life at the hands of the woman, who promised to give her a better life.

Sara Packer and Jacob Sullivan had sick sexual fantasies, and they decided to find a vulnerable girl to use for their sexual pleasure.

Sara Packer of Abington, Pennsylvania, adopted 14-year-old Grace Packer as her own daughter.

The couple then used the girl to fulfill dark sexual fantasies before killing her and dismembering her body.

They placed the body in cat litter and they continued to collect her $712 monthly social security check.

The two eventually dumped the body in the woods, where it was found by two hunters. Grace's body was identified through dental records.

After the remains were found, the couple attempted to commit suicide by overdosing on drugs, but family members found them before they died.

They were taken to a hospital, where Sullivan confessed to the crime and they were both arrested.

Rappers thank police for not killing them while shooting video dressed as robbers with real guns at a credit union

Police with guns drawn at the scene
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) People in Texas, called police after seeing armed robbers with guns drawn outside a credit union.

Officers in Lake Jackson, rushed to the scene at 1:45 p.m., and treated it as an active robbery.

The officers found the robbers near a U-haul truck.

They ordered everyone to the ground at gunpoint. The officers then asked the “suspects” if anyone was in the back of the U-haul and they confirmed that they were people inside.

When the officers asked if the people in the back had guns, they were informed that the people did have guns, but they were not loaded.

Officer found four real guns in their possession.

While questioning the “suspects,” police learned that the rapper known as Tru Keezy and his musical partner Yung Groovey, were filming scenes for a music video outside of the Lake Jackson credit union.

Keezy thanked the police for not shooting them. “With all the things going on now, we are blessed not to be shot,” he said.

Keezy said that the next time they will film something like a robbery scene, they will inform police before doing so.

Mother kills cyclist during race while screaming at her children for throwing popcorn around in her car

Laura Brayshaw
By: Mahesh Sarin

A mother of the United Kingdom, was jailed for killing a man as she was distracted while driving.

The mother killed the cyclist after being distracted by her children who were throwing popcorn at one another in the back seat.

27-year-old Laura Brayshaw was driving at 50 miles per hour, when she lost control of her Nissan Almera, while she was turned around for a “split-second” to scream at her three young daughters.

She hit a patch of grass and her car spun across the road, where she hit 58-year-old Richard Ellis of Essex, who was near the end of a 130 mile bicycle race.

Ellis, who has three grandchildren, was seriously injured in the collision and he died two days later at the hospital.

The attorneys for Brayshaw, who is a single mother and hospital health worker, told the Bournemouth Crown Court that she showed a “normal human reaction” to her misbehaving children.

However, Richard's brokenhearted widow and his children said that they cannot forgive her for the error that led to the tragic consequences.

Brayshaw, whose daughters were nine, seven and three years old at the time of the tragedy, had only passed her driving test six months before the accident.

Brayshaw was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison and she was banned from driving for 20 months after pleading guilty to causing death by careless driving.