Squirrels raid convenience store and run away with chocolate bars

Squirrel stealing chocolate bar
By: Tanya Malhotra WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) The owner of a convenience store in Toronto, Canada, appealed for help after squirrels raided his shop multiple times and stole candy bars.

The incident unfolded at the Luke's Grocery located at 635 Logan Avenue.

The store owner wrote about his ordeal on Reddit.

He said that he tends to leave the door open during the day because the shop gets stuffy and hot with all the coolers and fridges going off.

He simply can't afford to close the door and turn on the air condition because the electric bills are too high.

Over a period of two weeks, squirrels have been coming in when he was not looking, taking chocolate bars, and dashing off.

The squirrels take different bars each time. A couple of times, passersby and customers tried chasing them, but they were not successful in retrieving the stolen goods.

He tried calling animal services (311), but they only seem to be concerned about lost or dead animals and pets.

The store owner managed to record two squirrels stealing chocolate bars and uploaded the videos on YouTube, where they went viral.

Wasp causes woman to jump out of her moving car before it ended up in the sea

Woman’s car in water
By: Feng Qian WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A woman in New Zealand, lost her car after an insect flew into an open window while she was driving, according to photos that were uploaded on Facebook.

The woman of Auckland, who was not identified, was driving her car near the Manu Bay in Raglan.

On Tuesday around 12:00 p.m., a wasp flew into an open window of the car, causing the woman to panic and jump out.

The car then rolled down a boat ramp and ended up in the sea.

Police said that officers responded to the scene, and saw the car completely submerged in the water. A tow truck was called and the car was pulled out of the sea.

It was totally destroyed. The woman said that she freaked out because she does not like wasps. It flew into her window and buzzed in her face so she decided to abandon the vehicle.

The woman believes that her insurance will pay her to replace the vehicle.

Man suing hospital after contracting deadly bacteria that ate most of his manhood

Man playing with his dog (illustration)
By: Chan Yuan WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A cancer survivor in the United Kingdom, filed a lawsuit against a hospital after a flesh-eating bacteria ate most of his manhood, according to court documents.

61-year-old Andrew Lane of Essex, said that he had a routine surgery at the Southend Hospital, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

During the surgery, his bowel was punctured. As a result, he contracted necrotising fasciitis, which is a flesh-eating bacteria.

He was forced to undergo multiple surgeries, and he lost most of his manhood. After he recovered from the surgery, Lane was fitted with a catheter and a colostomy bag.

Lane said that he can no longer look himself in the mirror naked as he looks like a pregnant woman. Lane can no longer have sex with his wife 59-year-old Sue, whom he married 14 years ago.

His injuries are irreversible, and he will live like this the rest of his life. Lane gave up his job as an architectural draftsman, following the incident.

He is suing the hospital for negligence.

Stockbroker burns his wife alive after she found out he had rekindled sexual relationship with past mistress

Darren and Maria Byrne
By: Wayne Morin WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A stockbroker who was angry that his wife found out he was having an affair, decided to burn her alive, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Essex police said that the man who killed his wife and then attempted to burn their house down to cover up what he had done, has been convicted of murder.

According to the criminal complaint, 40-year-old Darren Byrne assaulted 35-year-old Maria Byrne, during an argument after she discovered that he had rekindled an affair with another woman.

He then set her on fire by using alcohol. He then turned on the gas in the kitchen of their home in Morgan Crescent. Darren then called police, claiming that he had come home from walking their dog to find her on fire in the kitchen.

When paramedics arrived, they found Maria lying on the floor with severe burns to her upper body and face. She was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

Police then launched an investigation to establish how she died.

Darren told officers that they had spent the day together at home while their two young children were staying with grandparents.

He claimed to have then gone out at 2:40 p.m., to walk their dog and returned home at about 3:30 p.m. to the smell of gas and the smoke alarm ringing.

He told police that he found his wife in the kitchen and called for an ambulance. He was instructed to give her CPR until help arrived.

However, during the course of the investigation, officers discovered that Darren had an affair the previous summer.

When Maria found out, she no longer trusted him and would check on his whereabouts, and messages on his mobile phone and email.

She discovered that her husband had rekindled the affair on the day she was murdered. She learned that her husband had a second mobile phone, which he used to contact his mistress.

Darren was arrested after a post mortem examination showed an accelerant had been used and that Maria had been assaulted or restrained.

Surveillance videos also showed that he had walked their dog an hour earlier than he had claimed. Darren has not shown any remorse.

Maria’s mother Linda Biggs, described what Darren did to her daughter as "beyond any human comprehension.”

She said: "Eight years ago, we entrusted Maria, the most precious thing we had, to Darren. We loved him and treated him like our own son. This person, instead of loving and protecting her, took her life in the most degrading way.”

Woman uses wood stick with nails to beat her fiance because she was not happy with the engagement ring

Enrevie Hinayon Bendejo
By: Mahesh Sarin WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A woman who was not happy with the engagement ring, used a wooden stick with protruding nails to beat her fiance, according to police in Florida.

Nassau County police said that they have arrested 25-year-old Enrevie Hinayon Bendejo, after being accused of using a stick to beat her fiance and biting him all over his body.

Bendejo has been charged with one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. She was booked into the Nassau County Jail, and her bail has been set at $5,000.

According to the criminal complaint, Bendejo’s 36-year-old boyfriend proposed to her last week, and he gave her an engagement ring.

Bendejo, who was not happy with the ring, grabbed a wooden stick that had nails protruding from it, and used it to beat her fiance.

She then bit him and punched him in the face. Bendejo then called off the engagement.

Man records himself having sex with multiple women including 17-year-old girl without their permission

Phillip Johnson
By: Tanya Malhotra WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A man betrayed multiple women by recording sexual encounters without consent, according to police in New Jersey.

Morris County Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp and Chief Mark Spitzer of the Mount Olive Township Police Department announced the arrest of 28-year-old Phillip Johnson.

He has been charged with invasion of privacy, witness tampering, and various counts of endangering the welfare of children.

Those charges stem from allegations that Johnson filmed multiple women engaging in sexual encounters without their knowledge.

Johnson was also charged with one count each of endangering the welfare of children, permitting a child to engage in child pornography, and manufacturing child pornography.

Bail has been set at $25,000. Conditions of that bail include no contact with the victims, and no contact with children under the age of 18.

The alleged victim in this matter is an 18 year old female, who reported that she had engaged in an act of sexual contact with Johnson when she was 17 years of age.

The investigation revealed that Johnson filmed the sexual encounter without her consent or knowledge. Law enforcement is actively seeking to identify those women who were filmed during the sexual encounters with him.

As part of a plea bargain agreement with prosecutors, Johnson admitted that he secretly recorded sex session with six women using his iPhone over a three-year period.

Johnson will be sentenced to probation and up to 364 days in prison.

Mother locked her 2-year-old son in room full of animal feces until he choked to death

Patricia Giddings and Ellyah Elvidge
By: Feng Qian WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A mother and her boyfriend are facing charges after she locked her son in a room full of animal feces until he choked to death, according to police in New York.

Black Brook police said that they have arrested 21-year-old Patricia Giddings, after being accused of allowing her 2-year-old son, Ellyah Elvidge, to choke to death.

Giddings has been charged with one count of criminally negligent homicide.

Giddings’ boyfriend, Brandon Bushey, who was home at the time of the child’s death, was also charged with one count of criminally negligent homicide.

Giddings has been booked into jail, and her bail has been set at $50,000. If convicted, Giddings faces up to four years in jail.

According to the criminal complaint, Giddings and Bushey are accused of leaving the child unsupervised in a holding pen. They used a large piece of wood to keep the child locked in a bedroom.

At some point, Elvidge’s head became trapped in the wood while Giddings and Bushey watched television. That led to the child's death as he could not breathe.

The room in which Elvidge was being kept, was littered with dirty diapers, animal feces and broken toys.

Woman forces boy to have sex with her in portable toilet by threatening to accuse him of rape

Tina Thomas
By: Chan Yuan WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A woman forced a teenage boy to have sex with her in a portable toilet by threatening to accuse of him rape, according to police in Florida.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested 46-year-old Tina G. Thomas, after being accused of forcing the 16-year-old boy to have sex with her in a portable toilet.

Thomas has been charged with sexual assault on a victim 16 or 17. She was booked into jail, and her bail has been set at $25,000.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim said that he and Thomas went to the store to buy milk. Thomas then forced the victim to have sex with her.

They drove to a portable toilet, where Thomas told the victim that she was going to have sex with him. When the victim refused, Thomas threatened to tell everyone that he raped her.

The victim said that he had sex with her to save himself from that type of accusation. Thomas had repeatedly tried to have sex with him, grabbed him and exposed herself to him in the past.

Five days after the incident, the victim told the suspect's boyfriend what happened. The victim then called the police.

Armed man named Crazy Wolf barks at police officers while waving knife

Ruben Gamez
By: Wayne Morin WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A man who told police that his name is “Crazy Wolf” was taken into custody after barking and waving a knife, according to police in Colorado.

Pueblo police said that they have arrested 44-year-old Ruben Gamez, after being accused of causing a disturbance at McDonald’s and threatening police officers.

On Thursday around 10:00 a.m., officers were dispatched to the McDonald’s located at 600 W. 6th Street, in regards to a man causing a disturbance.

Officers arrived to find the man had fled the scene.

He was located a short time later, in the area of 6th St. and Greenwood, where he attempted to get into a police vehicle before fleeing the area.

Officers quickly caught up with him and attempted to take him into custody. While doing so, the man tried several times to reach into his coat pocket.

The man who was growling and howling, continued to resist arrest and was eventually Tased. Upon getting the man placed into custody, officers removed a handgun from the pocket of his coat.

The male stated that his name was “Crazy Wolf,” but was later identified as Ruben Gamez.

Gamez was transported to the Pueblo County Detention Center, where he was booked on charges of possession of a weapon by a previous offender, felony menacing, attempted 2nd-degree assault, resisting arrest and restraining order violation.

How to be a smart shopper and get discounts on your purchases

Shopping (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker WorldWideWeirdNews.com

We all work hard for our money and we want to spend it wisely.

Some people choose to buy off-brand products in order to save money.

However, if you are a smart shopper, then you can buy the brand name items for less.

Here are some tips on how to buy what you want, and pay the least possible.

Whether you are shopping for shoes, furniture,a mattress or a car, check prices on the Internet.

When you are in a store and you see an item you like, whip out your phone, go online and check prices on a few different websites.

One great place to check is a competitor's website.

Check the price on that particular item. If you find that item at a lower price, show it to the salesperson, and they will very likely meet or beat that price.

If they refuse to meet the price, at least you can go to the competitor or order it online to save money.

You can also check the company's suggested retail price and never pay more than that price. Most of the time, you can get the item for a price that is much lower than the suggested retail price.

Many stores will lower the price in order to make a sale, especially when they see that you are an educated consumer.

People often assume that department stores are less expensive than smaller and privately owned stores.

However, at the privately owned stores, you will likely get much better discounts during the season if you come prepared and you know the prices.

If you don’t find that particular product for a better price online, don’t hesitate to ask for a discount even if the item is already on sale.

Many retailers will give you a discount of a few percent just for having the courage to ask for it.

Son arrested for possessing drugs after his father placed sock filled with cat feces in car to keep windows from getting foggy

Ross Lebeau
By: Feng Qian WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A man’s reputation was ruined after police announced that they arrested him for having a large amount of drugs.

Ross Lebeau, 24, of Texas, said that his father filled two socks with cat feces and placed them in his car and his sister’s car.

The cat litter was placed in the socks as a home remedy to keep the car windows from fogging up.

However, one day, Lebeau was pulled over by police at 4:30 p.m., for a traffic offense.

According to police, deputies detected a strong odor of marijuana emitting from his vehicle. LeBeau was questioned and admitted to having a small amount of marijuana in the console of his vehicle.

When officers searched his car, they found a sock that was filled with what they thought was drugs.

Lebeau was arrested on suspicion of possessing the illegal substance after two field tests showed that the substance was meth. Lebeau spend three days in jail before he was released.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office (HSCO) announced in a press release that deputies found half a pound of methamphetamine in Lebeau’s vehicle.

The contraband was submitted to the Institute of Forensic Science for further testing and it was determined not to be methamphetamine.

All charges against Lebeau were dismissed.

Customers thanks waitress for her great service before adding they don’t tip black people

The receipt
By: Chan Yuan WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A dedicated waitress was surprised when customers, who were happy with her service, left her a racist message instead of a tip.

The waitress who served the white couple in a Virginia restaurant, showed the bill with the racist comment to other customers.

Those customers were angry over the racism and posted the receipt to the Internet.

The waitress, Kelly Carter, said that she served the couple at Anita's restaurant in Ashburn, on Saturday morning.

Before they left, the couple paid the bill of $30.52
with a credit card. While signing the receipt, they added the words: “great service, don’t tip black people.”

After learning about the incident, many residents went to the restaurant to show their support for Carter.

Some people asked for Carter to serve them so that they can leave her a nice tip. Other people came in, and left tips for Carter and some also gave her hugs.

61-year-old woman punches husband in groin for refusing to have sex with her

Frank Concolino and Kerry Lee Pineiro
By: Wayne Morin WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A woman of Florida, was arrested after her husband reported that she beat him.

Police were called to the couple’s home in Seminole, at 7:00 p.m. on Monday.

When police arrived, they found that Kerry Lee Pineiro was intoxicated. Her 61-year-old husband, Frank Concolino, said that he was assaulted by his wife.

According to the police report, Pineiro punched him in face and in the groin after he did not want to have sex with her.

She then attempted to drive away, and when her husband took away the car keys, she kicked him in the groin and thighs.

Pineiro was arrested on misdemeanor domestic battery. She allegedly told police that she wanted to go to jail despite denying the charges against her.

Pineiro, who loves her husband, wrote on Facebook a few months ago that her husband is her best friend. She also wrote: “My love for you is undying and everlasting.”

Man shoots at his family after his wife bit into his cheese sandwich

Daniel Brian Blackwell
By: Mahesh Sarin WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) Police were called to a home after shots were fired.

Officers in Maryland, who arrived at the scene around 4:45 p.m., found that 55-year-old Daniel Brian Blackwell, took his wife and daughter hostage.

The Baltimore police brought in the K-9 and hostage negotiation teams. Surrounding streets were shut down and police asked residents to stay in their homes during the ordeal.

Officers said that Blackwell barricaded himself inside the home after becoming angry that his wife took a bite out of his grilled cheese sandwich.

After the three-hour long standoff, Blackwell finally surrendered and he stepped out on the porch.

Police found 15 guns in his home. Four of the guns were loaded. Blackwell used one of the loaded guns in the shooting against his family. Police said that the victims were not hurt by the gunshots.

Lawmaker wants doctors to give prescription for prostitutes to elderly people so government can pay for sex sessions

Elisabeth Scharfenberg
By: Tanya Malhotra WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A lawmaker in Germany, wants the government to help elderly people get time with prostitutes.

Green Party’s Elisabeth Scharfenberg wants the state to pay prostitutes to have sex with patients requiring nursing care.

She wants to give doctors the ability to prescribe prostitution as a cure the same way that doctors can give prescriptions for medication.

Prostitution in Germany, was legalized in 2002. However, Scharfenberg wants the government to help those who cannot afford it, especially lonely elderly people.

Scharfenberg wants the state to follow in the footsteps of the Netherlands, where people get money for prostitutes.

In order to be approved, people in the Netherlands, have to prove a medical need and they have to show that they are unable to pay for the sex worker themselves.

Father arrested after waitress records him molesting his young daughter while sitting on his lap

The father holding his daughter
By: Feng Qian WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A waitress became distraught after seeing what appeared to be a father molesting his daughter while she was sitting on his lap.

The man and his family of Mexico, were eating at the restaurant in Villahermosa, when the incident occurred.

In the video, the 4-year-old girl was seen sitting on her father's lap, playing a video game on a phone.

The man appeared to place his hand down her underwear. The girl’s dressed was lifted and her upper leg was exposed.

The waitress uploaded the video to social media, where it was shared many times. Police asked people to help them identify the man in the video.

After getting tips from the public, police announced that they have now arrested the girl's father. He was identified as
48-year-old Juan Vicente Hernandez Leon.

The father reportedly tried to leave the area after learning that his video went viral. Police said that they caught the man as he was waiting for a bus for Mexico City.

Prosecutor Fernando Valenzuela Pernas said in a press conference that the 4-year-old girl was taken into protective custody after undergoing a medical exam.

The girl’s mother, Silva Algomeda, released a video defending her husband, and saying that he never hurt their daughter.

“Do you think the girl would have been so calm if my husband had been touching her inappropriately? Of course she wouldn’t, the girl would have reacted, she would have dropped the phone, but she was quiet and kept playing,” she said.

She also accused the waitress of being “malicious” for posting the video to social media rather then calling police or talking to her immediately.

Fun-loving woman wears Chewbacca mask while giving birth at hospital

Katie Stricker Curtis
By: Chan Yuan WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A woman decided to turn her labor pains into something entertaining for herself and those around her.

While labor pains make many women miserable, this pregnant woman decided to bring laughter into her hospital room.

32-year-old Katie Stricker Curtis of Detroit, Michigan, used the Chewbacca mask, which has a built-in voice changer, to make sounds like a famous Star Wars character.

Every time Curtis screamed out in pain, the unique sounds made everyone laugh.

After 19 hours of labor, Curtis gave birth to her son Jayden.

Curtis posted a 12-second clip of herself wearing the mask during labor to Facebook with the caption: “Just because I'm about to be a mom doesn't mean I have to grow up! Never take life too seriously!”

Curtis received a lot of positive comments over her idea.

Curtis said that she got the idea to wear the mask after watching a video of Candace Payne of Texas, which showed her wearing it.