Cockroach crawls into sleeping woman’s nose and gets stuck in her head

Cockroach (illustration)
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A woman was rushed to a hospital after a cockroach crawled into her nose while she was asleep in her bed, according to doctors in India.

42-year-old Selvi of Injambakkam, said that she felt something tickling her nose in middle of the night.

She scratched her nose and went back to sleep. When she got up the next morning, she felt her eyes burning and itching in her head.

She soon realized that a cockroach crawled into her head in middle of the night. The woman’s son took her to a clinic, but doctors were unable to locate the bug.

She was then transferred to the Stanley Medical College Hospital, where doctors worked 45 minutes to remove the cockroach from her head.

Dr. M. N. Shankar, who is the head of the ENT department, said that the insect crawled between the woman’s eyes and was near her brain.

Shankar believes that the cockroach would have died in the woman’s head and caused a serious brain infection. Luckily, the insect was removed alive, and the woman was sent home without any injuries.

Mint employee steals 22 pieces of gold by hiding them in his rectum

Leston Lawrence
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A mint employee managed to smuggle out thousands of dollars worth of gold by hiding pieces in his rectum when he left the mint, according to police in Canada.

Ontario police said that they have arrested 35-year-old Leston Lawrence, after being accused of stealing pieces of gold worth around $150,000.

Ontario Court Judge Peter Doody sentenced Lawrence to 2 and a half years in prison after being convicted of theft. Doody also ordered the former mint employee to pay a fine of $150,000.

According to the police investigation, Lawrence worked for the Royal Canadian Mint, where he was responsible for minting gold coins.

Over a period of several months, Lawrence smuggled out gold pieces by hiding them in his rectum. His crime went unnoticed as he worked alone and out of sight of security cameras.

He then sold the gold through Ottawa Gold Buyers.

Bank employees throw large amount of cash in the trash

Large amount of euros (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

Bank employees panicked after they threw a large amount of cash in the trash and only realized their error when the garbage truck left the branch.

The bank said that the incident unfolded early on Thursday morning.

Employees accidentally discarded a batch of 50,000 euros ($54,000) and it ended up in the trash along with unwanted paper.

On Friday, the employees alerted the management of the garbage collecting company about the error. The managers ordered employees to take the garbage truck to a secluded area and empty the trash on the ground.

Workers then sifted through the pile of garbage, and after several minutes, they located the bank’s trash bags. The employees ripped open the garbage bags and found the envelope of cash.

The cash was returned to the bank, and employees confirmed that they got back the entire sum of discarded money. The managers of the bank said that this was a case of human error.

Husband complains to Kmart after wife cannot stop shopping and bringing home new stuff at least once a week

Alex Gadd and Samantha Gadd
By: Emily Lewis

A husband in Australia, revealed that after a rocky start to his relationship over his wife's shopping habits, things could not be better.

Alex Gadd of Tasmania, said that he and his wife Samantha, are happily married as he was able to move past her shopping habit.

Gadd also said that it would take much more than a shopping problem to destroy their marriage as his wife’s purchases have really slowed down and she only spends her own money.

Gadd has previously filed a complaint with Kmart, where he ranted about his then fiancee's spending, saying that the shopping and spending has reached his limit.

“Hey Kmart , I am a disgruntled fiance. I am sick of coming home at least once a week to a new candle holder, frame, pot or pot stand. Along with several other nice yet highly unnecessary items.

“I need to know how many more designs can possibly be released? A man can only take so much, and I am at my limit. She even suggested putting a light shade in my garage.

“I am sure the CEOs are rubbing their hands together along with all the divorce lawyers who would be getting a huge amount of business ever since you guys had a drastic change in the direction and target of your product line.

“I guess I'm not expecting a response nor an answer as I understand that my relationship issues are not of your concern. Simply a rant that goes unheard here at home. Your products are too appealing and too cheap for her to resist, and as a result, it's putting immense strain on my life. Thanks for listening.”

Surprisingly, Gadd has received a response from Kmart.

“Hi Alex, we're so sorry to hear that our highly appealing homewares and everyday low prices are driving a wedge between you and your fiancee," the company wrote.

"Unfortunately, we do have new products coming out all the time and the likelihood of them arriving in your home seems high. It may be worth investing in some kind of blindfold before this happens," the company added.

Mother kills 4-year-old daughter by kicking her stomach because she refused to brush her teeth

Iris Hernandez-Rivas
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A mother flew into a rage after her young daughter refused to brush her teeth, according to police in Maryland.

Detectives from the Montgomery County Police Department Major Crimes Division have arrested and charged Iris Hernandez Rivas, 20, of the 400 block of Sunny Brook Terrace in Gaithersburg, with child abuse of her 4-year-old daughter.

On Thursday, at approximately 12:28 p.m., the Emergency Communications Center (ECC) received a 911 call from Hernandez Rivas who requested medical assistance for her unresponsive daughter.

Sixth District officers, officers from the Gaithersburg City Police Department, and Fire and Rescue personnel responded to the apartment.

Hernandez Rivas told responding officers that her daughter, Nohely Alexandra Martinez Hernandez, had entered the bathroom at approximately 11:15 a.m., and started the shower.

After approximately 15 to 20 minutes had passed, Hernandez Rivas heard a noise from the bathroom, which prompted her to check on her child.

When Hernandez Rivas entered the bathroom, she stated that she observed her daughter face down in the bathtub.

Hernandez Rivas said she waited approximately one hour before calling for help.

Fire and Rescue personnel transported Nohely Alexandra Martinez Hernandez to Adventist Healthcare Shady Grove Medical Center in Rockville in serious condition.

Major Crimes detectives responded to the hospital, where medical staff informed them that the victim had multiple bruises on her body and was suffering from head trauma that may have been from the result of physical abuse.

Nohely Alexandra Martinez Hernandez was flown by helicopter to Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., where she succumbed to her injuries on Wednesday.

Hernandez Rivas later admitted that at approximately 10:30 a.m., she had kicked the victim in the abdomen after becoming angry at her child for not brushing her teeth.

Hernandez Rivas stated that as a result of being kicked, the victim fell backwards and struck her head on the living room wall.

Hernandez Rivas reported that her daughter fell to the ground and appeared lethargic. The daughter then went to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Hernandez Rivas said that she went to check on the victim and found her face down in the bath tub.

Hernandez Rivas also told detectives that the bruises on multiple areas of the victim’s body were due to her striking the child with a belt several days prior to her death.

Hernandez Rivas was arrested and charged with one count of first-degree child abuse and one count of first-degree assault.

Hernandez Rivas is currently being held without bond.

Hernandez Rivas will be charged with murder as soon as the autopsy report is completed.

Boy finds snake sticking head out of toilet bowl after waking up early in the morning to urinate

Snake in toilet bowl
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A young boy screamed for his mother after waking up early in the morning and finding a snake sticking its head out of a toilet bowl, according to a snake catcher in Texas.

Nathan Hawkins, who is the owner of the Big Country Snake Removal in Abilene, said that he received a call after Isaac Mcfadden found the snake in the family’s toilet.

Mcfadden quickly grabbed a shovel, and his mother killed the snake. This was the first snake that the family has seen on the property in several years.

When Hawkins arrived, he immediately noticed a few problematic areas. Intuition took him directly to a storm cellar, where he found and safely removed 13 adult rattlesnakes.

After a thorough perimeter check, Hawkins crawled underneath the house, where he removed another 10 snakes, including babies.

Hawkins said that the snakes tend to live in groups.

Burglar breaks his head during home invasion after slipping on pumpkin

Pumpkins outside home (illustration)
By: Mason White

A burglar was rushed to a hospital and is in critical condition after breaking his head during a home invasion, according to police in Nebraska.

Omaha police said that they were called to a home on Wednesday around 5:00 p.m., after the owner found the intruder in his house.

35-year-old Matthew Hill called police to say that he found 27-year-old Anthony Mitchell in his daughter's room. Mitchell was sitting in the corner of the room and was wrapped in a blanket.

When Hill asked Mitchell what he was doing in his house, he said it is his home now. Hill told Mitchell to leave, and he complied.

On the way out the front door, Mitchell slipped on a pumpkin and cracked open his head. When police arrived at the scene, they found Mitchell sitting on the ground in front of the home.

Mitchell was taken to the hospital, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit. Mitchell is being treated for a cracked skull and a brain bleed.

Dog gets his head stuck in wheel of truck after being left alone in back yard

Dog stuck in wheel
By: Alexis Bell

A dog was rushed to a hospital after getting its head stuck in hole of a wheel while it was left alone in a back yard for many hours, according to firefighters in Montana.

The Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department said that firefighters came to the rescue of the eight-month-old, inquisitive coonhound named Blaze, after it found itself in a very precarious position.

Fire Marshal Brian Doherty answered a call from St. Francis Veterinary Hospital, during which staff members asked for extrication equipment.

When Fire Marshal Doherty asked what they needed, they reported that a puppy’s head was stuck in the wheel of a tire.

The vet didn’t know what to do so they called the fire department. The fully-equipped Rescue Unit No. 1 responded and was closely followed by the Fire Marshal’s vehicle.

The owner left the pup by itself in his yard for just a few hours, and came home to find it in this precarious position.

With a lot of coconut oil, patience, a lot of ear tucking, and some powerful skin-pulling, Blaze’s head was quickly and successfully extricated from the tire wheel without the use of tools, but with Firefighter Zach Osborne's strength.

Blaze remained uninjured throughout the ordeal, but some minor neck swelling was noted by the firefighters. Blaze remained calm, cool, and collected throughout the ordeal, and it did not make a sound.

Incident Commander Battalion Chief Bill Fisher was in charge of the entire operation, Fire Marshal Doherty completed the daunting task of ear tucking, and Firefighter Osborne utilized his strength to free Blaze.

“Hopefully, this was a valuable lesson for young Blaze, and we won’t have to respond to any more menacing incidents involving this playful puppy,” the fire department wrote on Facebook.

Lawyer pours coffee on opposing attorney because she was told to be quiet

Lawyers (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A lawyer will have to pay for her outburst during a court sanctioned questioning session, according to court documents in California.

Valeria Calafiore Healy, who represented Loop AI, became angry when Thomas Wallerstein, who represented Almawave USA, told her to be quiet during a deposition.

In response, Healy threw a cup of coffee or slammed it on her table, causing the contents to land on Wallerstein. She is also accused of saying “you need to take a f**king break.”

As a result of the outburst, Magistrate Judge Donna Ryu ordered Healy to pay a $250 in compensation to Wallerstein.

The events occurred during the deposition of Roberto
Pieraccini. Wallerstein took the deposition, and Healy defended it.

Proceedings had been underway for less than an hour before things completely unraveled. Healy was not happy with the questions and threatened to leave.

When Wallerstein told her to be quiet, Healy became angry and used expletives. She then caused the coffee to splash on Wallerstein and his belongings.

A court reporter, Janet Sambataro, said that Healy threw the cup of coffee, which splashed on and around Wallerstein and his belongings.

Sambataro saw that Wallerstein’s shirt and his pants were wet.

How To Ensure That Nobody Takes Away Your Lover

Lovers (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

When you fall in love with somebody, you want to be with them forever.

Many people worry that someone will ruin it for them by stealing their partner.

However, to ensure that your partner does not cheat on you and stays with you for a long time, you have to know what got your partner into the relationship in the first place.

Each person gets into a relationship for an emotional connection, to be loved and respected for who they are and not to be lonely.

Here are tips to make ensure that nobody steals your partner.

Make sure your partner feels loved, and never feels lonely or misunderstood.

When your partner is emotionally happy and satisfied, they will not be interested in other people, and no matter how much others will try, your partner will not fall for their advances.

Think about the time you first began dating, when you were so into getting to know your partner and to win them over, and your partner did the same for you.

The relationship was all about each other, and both of you were not interested in anyone else but each other.

During that time, you spoke on the phone everyday, and you listened to everything your partner said.

This is why you partner fell in love with you and what your partner still wants from you.

People tend to lose sight of this once they get their partner to be in a committed relationship.

You may be working many hours to provide for your family and you come home too tired to have a deep conversation or to listen to complaints.

However, your partner waited for you all day and wants to connect emotionally by sharing their feelings and everything that happened during their day.

If you are not willing or able to listen, you partner will likely feel lonely and then they may seek emotional support from someone else.

Find ways to keep your lover emotionally happy. One great way to do so is to go to their job. Ask your partner when you can come see where they work, and meet their coworkers.

This way you can see the environment where they spend a large part of their day, and when they speak about their day and their work, you will understand them better.

School allows students to make separate White and Colored entrance to teach kids a lesson

The door and Jennifer Berry
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A school in Ohio, came under fire after it allowed students to decorate a door, placing a sign on one side that stated White entrance while the other read Colored entrance.

According to Mimi Webb, superintendent of St. Bernard-Elmwood Place Schools, this was not a racist act, but it was done to teach students a lesson as part of Black History Month.

The student who decorated the door, said that a photo of the White entrance and Colored entrance was taken before the project was done.

The decoration was part of a “Breaking the Chains” theme, which was meant to show “how far we have come in society while acknowledging that we need to do more as a society,” the student said.

However, Jennifer Berry, whose daughter is biracial, took offense as her daughter does not belong to either group.

Berry spoke to the school board and asked for the school to apologize to students for making kids like her daughter “feel ashamed of who she is.” Berry added that “her daughter should never feel that way.”

Berry did not accept the student's explanation or her good intentions. “I believe her intent was for educational purposes, but in Germany, they don’t put out concentration camps to remember the end of the Holocaust,” Berry said.

The decorations have since been taken down.

Topless man breaks into home and takes girl hostage to get drugs

The suspect with the girl

A family in Russia, was horrified when a topless man broke into their home and took their granddaughter hostage.

The man, who was high on drugs, broke into the house in the Omsk Oblast region, where the 13-year-old victim lives with her grandmother.

The man, who was identified as Zhenya, demanded that the family supply him with drugs.

When the terrified family explained that they had no drugs in their home, he went into the girl's room, where he placed his hand around her waist and throat.

Police released a video, showing the suspect holding the girl on his lap with one hand around her neck.

He demanded the family get him drugs in exchange for the girl’s freedom.

The family called police and a SWAT team stormed the home. At first, they attempted to negotiate with the man, but when that did not work, officers pounced on him and freed the girl.

The girl was traumatized and scared, but not injured. Police managed to hold the man down while paramedics sedated him.

Crying toddler only calms down after getting glass of wine

Rafael Aybar’s daughter
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) An adorable toddler seems to know a lot about a good glass of wine.

Rafael Aybar from Bonao in the Dominican Republic, shared a video of his daughter, who seems to have a palate for good food and drinks.

The video shows Aybar’s daughter crying. He offered her a bottle of milk, but she pushed it away. He then handed her a plate of pasta, and she shook her head and refused to take it.

The father then offered his daughter a pacifier, but the girl refused it as well.

The father attempted to stop her crying, but he was unsuccessful.

Aybar then handed his young daughter a glass of red wine and her face changed completely. She lit up with joy and she giggled.

Although the clip ended before the child took a sip, her father posted the video to Facebook and Instagram with the caption “my alcoholic baby.”

Police officer chokes mother of six children to death during sex and leaves her to rot in suitcases

Steven Zelich
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A former police officer was jailed after he killed a mother of six children while having sex with her.

54-year-old Steven Zelich of Wisconsin, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the death of Laura Simonson, 37.

Zelich described in detail how he killed Simonson of Farmington, in the Microtel Inn and Suites in Rochester, Minnesota.

He said that he accidentally choked her with a rope in what he called “breath play” during sex.

However, he did not call for help after choking the mother. Instead, he cut her up and placed her body in a few suitcases. He left the woman’s body in his car before dumping the suitcases along a highway near Lake Geneva.

Zelich was sentenced to serve 25 years in prison, but not the 40 years he faced.

Zelich is already serving a prison sentence of 35 years for the death of 19-year-old Jenny Gamez of Oregon.

In that case, he also claimed that she died after choking during sex. He will be 88 years old before he is back on the streets.

Man admits to raping his girlfriend’s daughter and crucifying her until her hands were bleeding

Man arrested (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A mother allowed her criminal boyfriend to live with her young children until he was arrested for raping her daughter.

Police in New York, arrested 29-year-old Phillip Payne of Brooklyn, after confessing to raping his girlfriend’s daughter at least three times.

The incident came to light after the 9-year-old girl told her mother about the rapes. One of the incidents took place in front of the victim’s 5-year-old sister.

According to the police report, Payne punished the victim, her sister and her brother by placing them against the wall and duct-taping their hands to the wall. He then pressed a nail into their open palms.

The girl told police that Payne, talked about Jesus as he pushed the nail into their open palms until their hands would bleed.

He also forced food into their mouths while they were taped to the wall.

Authorities said that Payne confessed to the crimes, which led to charges of rape, sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a child, menacing, harassment and assault.

A Brooklyn Criminal Court judge ordered Payne to be held on $200,000.

Payne reportedly has an extensive criminal record that includes robbery and selling drugs.

Two men were arrested for having sex on a bed in Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond
By: William Martin

Two men who are infected with a skin disease, were arrested for having sex in public.

The men were charged for engaging in lewd behavior on a display bed at Bed Bath & Beyond in New Jersey.

Police officers responded to the store in Clifton at 5:00 p.m., after a witness reported that two men were involved in a sex act while customers were shopping.

Police arrested two 28-year-old men, one from Nutley and the other from North Carolina.

Both were charged with criminal mischief, lewdness, and possession of marijuana.

It was discovered that one or both of the men were infected with scabies, a contagious infection of the skin caused by a microscopic parasites that hide under the skin.

The police officers who arrested the men, were taken to the St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, where they were treated and released. They were given days off from work as the infection is highly contagious.

The police department was also fumigated by exterminators to prevent any spread of scabies.

Since the two men were found to be suffering from a health condition, they cannot be identified as their identities are protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

However, police assured the public that they were not employees of Bed Bath & Beyond.

A spokesperson for Bed Bath & Beyond said that they “take the safety of our customers and associates very seriously, and the merchandise and display involved was immediately removed from the store, and it was discarded.”

Six state attorney employees fired and engagement is called off after drug fueled bachelorette party

Rubber duck (illustration)
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) Six people who worked for the Florida state attorney’s office, were fired after a drug fueled bachelorette party.

The group of coworkers from Orlando, lost their jobs after an investigation into a wild bachelorette party for 27-year-old victim advocate Shannon Solo.

The bachelorette party took place in New Orleans, Louisiana.

According to investigative documents, the drugs were hidden in a rubber ducky.

When Solo returned home, her fiance dumped her after learning about her drug use.

Solo moved on with her life and found a new boyfriend. He was an Orange County deputy and drug agent.

When Solo told him about her drug filled bachelorette party, the new boyfriend told his boss.

An investigation was opened and it was discovered that there was another incident in which state attorney office employees had smoked drugs in a home in Kissimmee.

State Attorney Aramis Ayala announced that following an internal investigation, six employees, including two prosecutors, were fired.

Some were fired for smoking the drugs and others were fired after witnessing the crime and not stopping or reporting the illegal actions.

Ayala said that the employees were not charged criminally as they were not caught with the drugs and there is not enough evidence that will hold up in court.

Solo’s new boyfriend also dumped her after learning about her drug use.