Man begs taxi driver to run him over after mob cut off his manhood in busy market

By: Alexis Bell

Police have launched an investigation after a group of men cut off the manhood of a man at a busy market, according to police in Liberia.

Sinkor police said that the incident unfolded at the Freddy Entertainment Center near the Duport Road Market.

Witnesses at the scene said that the 30-year-old man was bleeding profusely and running towards oncoming traffic.

The victim, who was not identified, lied down in front of a taxi and begged the driver to run him over because he wanted to die.

After the taxi driver rejected his request, the victim got up and ran into a public bus. He told passengers that a group of people approached him at the market and cut off his manhood.

The victim refused to give a motive for the attack. The bleeding man was taken to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, where he is said to be in critical condition.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Customer finds worms crawling in Lodge Farms eggs bought at Aldi supermarket

Worms crawling in Aldi eggs
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A customer who bought food at Aldi in Australia, is outraged after finding worms crawling in a box of Lodge Farms free range eggs.

Eliza Lhuillier of Victoria, who found her eggs infested with live worms, took a video of them and uploaded it to the Internet.

The eggs still had several days left to the sell by date.

A spokesperson for Aldi supermarket said that the company has launched an investigation, and called it an isolated incident as they did not receive any additional complaints.

Workers checked other boxes of eggs at the store and none of them were infested with worms. Several days ago, another customer who bought meat at Aldi, uploaded a video, showing live maggots in the beef.

An expert who watched the video, claimed that the maggots hatched at the home after the meat was cooked. Aldi inspected the meat at the store and they did not find any contaminated beef.

In another incident, a woman who bought fried chicken from Aldi, found worms crawling in her food after she ate some. Aldi called this an isolated incident as well, saying that other fried chicken were not contaminated.

Woman crushed to death while sitting on couch and watching TV after robber rammed stolen car into her home

Sarah Ruth Joshua
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) Police launched an investigation after an elderly woman was crushed to death in her home while sitting on a couch and watching television, according to police in Florida.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said that a black man rammed a stolen Lincoln Navigator into the home located on West 31st Street, killing 66-year-old Sarah Ruth Joshua.

Joshua’s 43-year-old nephew was also in the home at the time of the incident, but he was in another room. The suspect fled from the scene before police arrived.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday night around 10:00 p.m.
Joshua was pronounced dead at the scene.

The home was left with extensive damage, and the stolen SUV was completely destroyed. Witnesses at the scene saw the black man running away from the house.

They described him as about 5 feet and 8 inches tall, and he was wearing a hoodie and jeans. Police believe that the suspect was also involved in a hit and run incident on West 36th Street.

Robber with lots of stolen cash in his pockets drowns in canal while trying to escape from crime scene

Juan Lahera
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A robber who could not swim, drowned in a canal while fleeing from a crime scene with his accomplice, according to police in Florida.

Sunrise police said that they have arrested 32-year-old Juan Lahera, after being accused of letting his accomplice drown in the canal.

Lahera has been charged with home invasion robbery with a firearm and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

According to the police investigation, Lahera and 27-year-old Samuel Howell, broke into a home and stole valuables. Howell filled his pockets with cash and the two thieves escaped from the scene.

While fleeing, the two jumped into a canal. Howell, who did not know how to swim, yelled for help, but Lahera told him “f**k you, you are on your own now.”

Several days later, police found Howell’s decomposed body in the canal. Police also recovered the stolen cash from Howell’s pockets.

Sleeping man dumped into Waste Management garbage truck after falling asleep in large dumpster

Man rescued from Waste Management garbage truck
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A man screamed for help from a garbage truck after being dumped inside early in the morning, according to police in Florida.

The Tampa Police Department said that firefighters rescued the man early on Wednesday morning, after the Waste Management garbage truck driver called 911.

The man was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

According to the police investigation, the man climbed into the large garbage dumpster late on Tuesday night, and fell asleep.

Early on Wednesday morning, the garbage truck driver dumped the garbage bin into the truck while doing his daily rounds.

Suddenly, the driver heard the man screaming for help. The garbage truck driver pulled over near Dale Mabry Highway and Hillsborough Avenue, and called for help.

Police officers and firefighters worked for over an hour to rescue 32-year-old Tristan Godsey from the garbage truck. He was taken to the St. Joseph's Hospital, where he was treated for a leg injury.

Naked man robbed by woman with blue eyes and blonde hair after agreeing to meet for sex at hotel on Tinder

Man waiting for his date (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

Police launched an investigation to find a female thief after a man was robbed by his Tinder date at a hotel, according to police in Oregon.

Springfield police that the incident unfolded early on Tuesday morning.

The victim called police to the Springfield Village Inn on Mohawk Boulevard, after being left naked by his Tinder date.

The man told police that he met the woman with blue eyes and blonde hair whose name is Ashley, on the popular dating app Tinder.

Ashley and the man agreed to meet at the hotel for sex.

When the man said that he was going to take a shower first, Ashley asked him to leave the door open so that she can join him.

After a few minutes, Ashley went into the bathroom and took the victim’s clothes. When the victim came out of the shower, he realized that all his belongings were gone along with Ashley.

The man was left without his clothes, wallet and phone. When he checked Ashley’s Tinder profile, he realized that it was already deleted.

Doorman dies from slit throat while shoveling snow after slipping and crashing through glass door

Miguel Gonzalez and his wife
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A beloved doorman died in a freak accident while shoveling snow off the stairs leading to an apartment building, according to police in New York.

The New York Police Department said that 59-year-old Miguel Gonzalez, was shoveling snow when he slipped and crashed through the glass door of an apartment building.

The glass slit his throat and he died of blood loss despite being rushed immediately to the Metropolitan Hospital.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Thursday around 9:30 a.m., outside 333 East 93rd Street in Manhattan.

Gonzalez was shoveling the snow off the stairs when he lost his balance. He slid down the flight of stairs and crashed through the glass door.

The glass shattered, and he cut his throat and face. Neighbors described the married grandfather who lived in Connecticut, as a really nice guy.

Gonzalez recently spoke about his upcoming retirement as he worked as a doorman for the past 20 years.

Woman accused of killing child gets dragged out from police station and thrown into fire by mob

The mob next to the fire
By: Mason White

A mob of people surrounded a police station in Brazil, to carry out street justice.

Police in Novo Aripuana, arrested the 30-year-old woman, who has not been named, after she was accused of setting fire to a home that killed a two-year-old child.

While she was at the police station, a mob of about 500 residents stormed the police station and broke the cell doors before dragging the woman out to the street.

They created a bonfire by setting cars on fire, and pulled the woman by the hair and threw her into the roaring flames.

The woman suffered severe burns, but she managed to run out of the fire alive. The mob continued to beat her as she tried to free herself.

Police called for military reinforcements to contain the mob before the wounded woman was saved and taken to the hospital.

People uploaded disturbing photos and videos of the actions to the Internet. The photos and videos show the woman with charred skin and big pieces of her skin ripped off.

Police are now reviewing the video of the incident to identify those involved.

Does The American Dream Still Exist Today

American flag (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

To many people, the American Dream means owning a home, drive a nice car and have a lot of cash to spend.

The vision of the American Dream is that everyone, regardless of circumstances at birth, such as where they came from, their social class or their background, has the opportunity for prosperity, and be very successful and rich.

This dream is alive and well. It does exist in reality. Many people have reached the American Dream through sacrifice, hard work, by taking risks and by never giving up on what they believe in.

The American Dream can be very different from one person to the other as everyone has different needs and desires, but yet, everyone has the opportunity to achieve whatever the American Dream means to them.

The term “American Dream” came from American writer and historian James Truslow Adams.

In 1931, he has referred to the American Dream as “the dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.

How can you make your lover's birthday extra special at home

Birthday cake (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

If it is possible, take the day off from work. Let your partner know about your plans so that they can take the day off as well.

This is a very powerful gesture as your partner knows how hard it can be to get a day off.

Start the day with a great breakfast. If you like to cook, make your partner's favorite breakfast and clean up the kitchen after you are done cooking.

If you are not into cooking, get up before your partner and buy breakfast. It can be from a supermarket or from your partner's favorite eatery.

Prepare the food nicely. Don’t worry, it can be prepared on festive disposable paper goods from a party supply store.

Lay everything out nicely on a table or make it a breakfast in bed. Remember to clean up after you are both done eating.

It might be hard to shut your phone if you think that someone might be looking for you. To avoid distraction, call those people beforehand and let them know that you will not be available.

Giving your partner your undivided attention during that time will be greatly appreciated and it will make them feel very special.

What Parents Can Do When They Catch Someone Bullying Their Child

Sad child (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

I teach children how to be strong and confident to stop the bullying.

I learned that children who bully other children are often times very unhappy with themselves. The bullies are looking for ways to make themselves feel better by putting others down.

I teach children not to respond in order not to give the bullies the satisfaction of making them miserable.

I make the children understand that the bullies are using them as tools to make themselves happier.

This makes children see that there is nothing wrong with them, but rather it is the bullies who have issues.

I tell the children that they don’t have to be scared of the bullies, but they should stay away from the area where the bullies hangs out during breaks at school or in the neighborhood.

If the children make the effort to stay away and not respond, then the bullies lose interest in hurting them and they go look for other targets.

No child deserves to be bullied.

Mother of three children slashes breasts of her husband’s lover

Razor blade (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

A mother became very angry when she learned that her husband was cheating and she decided to take revenge by hurting his mistress.

28-year-old Tina Promise of Nigeria, was arrested after cutting her husband’s lover with a razor blade.

Promise, who lives on Molade Okoya Thomas Street in Lagos, is a mother of three children and her youngest child is just three weeks old.

Prosecutor Sergeant Francesca Job told the court that the victim, 22-year-old Esther Onogwu, who is a janitor at a popular hotel, was walking home at 9:20 p.m., when she was confronted by the suspect.

Promise approached Onogwu and asked for the key to her house. She refused to hand it over and asked the suspect who she was.

Promise did not respond. Instead, she pulled a razor, and she cut Onogwu on the head and slashed her left breast.

Good Samaritans came to her aid, and stopped the attack. Police were called and Promise was arrested while the victim was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Graphic photos of Onogwu’s injuries were uploaded to the Internet, where they went viral.

Judge F. Botoku granted Promise bail as she is a nursing mother of a newborn baby. She is being held on 200,000 naira ($635) bail.

Man robs 9-year-old girl while she was selling Girl Scout cookies

Girls selling cookies
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A young girl was robbed by a man who pretended to be a customer.

The girl was with her mother, and when her parent walked away for a few seconds, the man used the opportunity to rob the child.

9-year-old Anastasia from Pennsylvania, was selling Girl Scout cookies and lemonade when she was robbed.

The girl was standing along the 400 block of South 16th Street in Philadelphia at 5 p.m. on Saturday, when the man walked up to her.

He told Anastasia that he wanted to buy lemonade for his girlfriend, “but he had to check if she was allergic to any of the ingredients,” Anastasia said.

Anastasia handed him the card that lists the ingredients of all of her products.

When the suspect handed her back the card, he reached into her apron pocket, and grabbed her envelope with her money.

He ran away with less than $100. Good Samaritans ran after the suspect, but he managed to get away.

The suspect is described as a black male, 6 feet tall, in his early 20's, clean shaven and he was last seen wearing a gray sweat jacket.

Rich kid who traveled to the United States to pursue his dreams ends up in prison and facing death sentence

Clinton Thinn
By: Tanya Clark

A man from a wealthy family in New Zealand, left to travel to the United States to pursue his dreams.

However, to the shock of his loved ones, he is in now facing the death penalty.

According to his friends, 29-year-old Clinton Thinn of New Zealand, is from a wealthy family, and he went to a good private school and college.

Thinn inherited a lot of money from his mother when she died a few years ago.

Thinn loved to rap and he made several rap videos, which he uploaded to YouTube under the names BigMac and Richochet Rocket.

A friend who met Thinn when they attended Selwyn College in Auckland, said that students often lied to Thinn and told him that he was a good rapper so that he should make more videos.

The friend admits that they led Thinn on because “it was just funny for us to watch,” the friend said.

Sadly, their dishonesty let Thinn to pursue a career in rap music. He traveled to San Diego, California, where he was later arrested during a botched robbery at Bank of America.

Friends were shocked over the news that Thinn tried to rob a bank as he owns his own apartment and a Mercedes.

While he was at George Bailey Detention Facility, the friend said “Thinn was bullied by other inmates over his accent.”

To survive and be protected in prison, Thinn pledged allegiance to a white supremacist gang, which allegedly led to him killing another prisoner.

Thinn is now facing a first-degree murder charge for which he can be sentenced to death.

Woman shocks crowd by breastfeeding pig live on television

The woman holding the pig
By: William Martin

People were left stunned after a woman exposed herself in front of a camera during a television interview.

The strange moment when the woman decided to breastfeed the baby pig was caught on camera in Peru.

The woman was being interviewed by a reporter in Lima, who asked locals about how the heavy rain and floods are affecting their farms.

The woman was seen holding the pig in a brown box. When the reporter approached and questioned her, she took the pig out of the box.

To everyone's surprise, the woman pulled up her top and placed the animal to her breasts. She placed the pig close to her right breast and began to feed it.

The cameraman quickly moved the focus away from her and showed the shock on the faces of the onlookers.

The woman did not explain why she decided to breastfeed the animal in public. However, people said that she wanted to make a point about how extreme weather had affected food production.

Judge refused to jail migrant who beat pregnant wife so he does not lose his visa

Pregnant woman (illustration)
By: Mason White

A migrant will be able to stay in Australia, despite abusing his pregnant wife.

The man, who was not named by the court, pleaded guilty at the Melbourne Magistrates Court to hitting his wife.

Prosecutors said that 31-year-old Brunswick man hit his wife after she told him she was pregnant with their first child.

The couple had been married for three years and he wanted his wife to have an abortion, but she refused.

The next day, he demanded again that she have an abortion and when she insisted that she will not kill her unborn baby, he beat her.

The woman became dizzy, but she managed to flee from the house. Her husband then apologized via text message and asked her not to report it, the court heard.

However, the woman went to the police and filed a report.

Magistrate Jonathan Klestadt ordered the man to pay a fine of $1,000 and attend behavior change counseling.

Judge Klestadt did not convict the man of abuse, saying that such a conviction would bring harsher punishment to him than to other members of the community.

Because of the man's immigration status, if he is convicted of abuse, he could lose his job and visa.

The judge also said that the man showed that he has been working to improve his behavior since that incident. The man and his wife are now separated.