Thousands of women protest topless to demand right to sunbathe naked on public beaches

Topless women facing off with police
By: Emily Lewis

Thousands of women in Argentina, are protesting in the streets and are demanding to be allowed to sunbathe naked on public beaches.

The protest broke out after several police officers asked three young women to put on their bikinis while sunbathing at a public beach in Buenos Aires.

A scuffle broke out after the women began shouting and denied orders to get dressed or leave the beach. Eventually, the women were forced to flee from the beach.

As a result protest broke out across the country. Protesters are demanding the right of sunbathing in the nude.

Police said that they will fine women who are topless in public for obscene behavior, but one judge ruled that being nude in public is not a crime.

Some protesters call the ban on women being topless gender discrimination as there is no law prohibiting men from sunbathing topless on public beaches.

Asylum seeker stabs and beheads woman in Germany

Abused woman (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A immigrant from Congo, attacked a woman by stabbing her numerous times and beheading her during an altercation, according to police in Germany.

Berlin police said that they have arrested 39-year-old Yve M., after being accused of killing his girlfriend, 39-year-old Tunay G., by stabbing her in the stomach and chest.

According to the police investigation, Yve migrated from Congo, and applied for asylum in Berlin. In Berlin, he met his victim and began a relationship with her.

At some point, an altercation broke out and Yve stabbed Tunay more than 30 times. He then beheaded her and left her body in his apartment.

Neighbors called police after noticing a bad odor coming from the killer’s apartment. Police officers who arrived at the scene, found the dead body of Tunay.

An autopsy revealed that she died of blood loss.

Prosecutors told the court that the suspect is a danger to the general public and are asking for him to be remanded into a psychiatric hospital.

Jailed transgender woman kicked out of women's prison after having sex with inmates

Handcuffed woman (illustration)
By: William Martin

Prison officials in Scotland, revealed that a transgender woman was removed from an all female prison facility after being caught having sex with multiple women.

23-year-old Paris Green of Edinburgh, has been sentenced to serve 18 years in prison after torturing and killing 45-year-old Robert Shankland.

Her accomplices, Kevin McDonagh and Dean Smith have also been sentenced to prison after being convicted of murder.

Green, who was born a man named Peter Laing, was initially sent to an all male prison.

After a public outcry about transgender women being jailed in all male prison facilities, Green was moved to the HMP Edinburgh all female wing.

However, Green began having sex with multiple women at the prison facility. She has been charged with inappropriate behaviour, and has been sent back to the all male prison.

According to the police investigation, Green and her two friends invited Shankland to a party. When he arrived, the three friends tied him up, before beating him and torturing for several hours.

The court was told that during the attack, Shankland was tied to a bed, where he was beaten, kicked and sexually assaulted with a rolling pin.

He died as a result of suffocation and blunt force trauma.

Woman suing restaurant after falling off donkey statue while taking pictures

Kimberly Bonn
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A woman suffered injuries to her spine after falling off a donkey statue while taking pictures at a restaurant, according to court documents in Florida.

Kimberly Bonn of Tallahassee, is suing the El Jalisco Southwood Mexican restaurant, claiming that it was the restaurant's fault that she fell of the donkey statue, which caused her to fracture her spine.

According to Bonn, she ate dinner at the restaurant one evening, and after she finished her meal, she climbed onto the statue donkey to take pictures.

Bonn claimed that the restaurant encourages diners to take pictures on the donkey statue. While taking pictures, Bonn fell down to the ground.

Bonn suffered numerous injuries, including a fractured spine.

Bonn is claiming that the restaurant was negligent because they did not place any safety features on the donkey. She wants the restaurant to give her $15,000 in addition to her attorney fees and court costs.

White judge banned from restaurant after telling customer ‘never give up your seat for a n***er’

Judge Mike Erwin
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A white judge in Louisiana, is under fire after being heard telling a man “never to give up your seat for a “n***er.”

Kaneitra Johnson of Baton Rouge, said that she shared a seat at a restaurant with a Lyft driver.

When the Lyft driver made her more room to sit, she heard the judge telling him “You never give up your seat for a n***er.”

Johnson said that the judge then said: “You should have made her get her fat n***er a** up.” Police were called to the Sammy’s Grill restaurant for a disturbance call, following the vile racist comments.

The judge was identified as Mike Erwin of Louisiana’s 19th Judicial District Court. No charges have been filed.

However, Sammy’s Grill manager Andy McKay said that the owner of the restaurant, Sammy Nagem, has made it clear that Judge Erwin is no longer welcome.

Man kidnaps neighbor's dog and feeds it to woman 2 pit bulls

Marvin Riley
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) An extremely cruel man kidnapped a little dog and fed it to two aggressive pit bulls, according to police in New Mexico.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested 30-year-old Marvin Riley, after being accused of causing the death of his neighbor’s dog and punching a homeowner in the face.

Riley has been charged with animal cruelty, burglary and battery.

According to the criminal complaint, Riley broke into the home of Bernadette Salazar, and he stole her Shih Tzu called Charlie Brown.

Riley then walked to the home of Esther M., who owns two pit bulls. Riley threw the Shih Tzu to the pit bulls, and they attacked it.

By the time Esther pulled her pit bulls way, the Shih Tzu was already dead. In an unrelated incident, Riley broke into a man’s home and hit him in the face with a metal pipe.

The man fell unconscious, and was taken to the UNM Hospital, where he is being treated.

Girlfriend punches boyfriend in the face because he said her spaghetti dinner was just fine

Jodi Ecklund
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A woman went crazy after her boyfriend acknowledged that her cooking was just fine, according to police in New Hampshire.

The Merrimack Police Department said that on Saturday around 2:30 p.m., they were called to the Webster Green Condominium Complex for a domestic disturbance.

On the officers’ arrival, they were met by a resident who indicated that his girlfriend was inside their residence, and had assaulted him because he told her that the spaghetti dinner she prepared was just fine.

She punched him in the face and in the arm, and scratched his hand. The responding officers attempted to make contact with 33-year-old Jodi Ecklund.

However, she indicated to them that she would not come out of the residence and had access to firearms inside the residence with her.

Ecklund had also indicated she would harm the officers with the firearms if they attempted to enter the residence.

On the arrival of other members of the Merrimack Police Department, they were able to evacuate the building in which Ecklund was located.

The Merrimack Police Department’s Containment Team was activated to secure the scene. Several attempts to contact Ecklund were unsuccessful.

Officers were able to determine that Ecklund had begun to barricade herself within the apartment. With the assistance of the New Hampshire State Police, communication was eventually made with Ecklund.

During this time, Ecklund had destroyed numerous items located within the residence, which belonged to the victim.

After several hours, members of the Containment Team were able to take Ecklund into custody. Ecklund was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

She was later processed at the Merrimack Police Department and held on $25,000 cash bail.

76-year-old man shoots his wife’s behind because she did not want to have sex

Donald Royce
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) An elderly man became extremely angry after his wife of 6 months refused to have sex with him, according to police in Florida.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested 76-year-old Donald Royce, after being accused of shooting 62-year-old Katherine.

Royce has been charged with one count of domestic violence.

He was booked into the Lee County jail, and his bail has been set at $100,000.

According to the criminal complaint, Royce married Katherine six months ago, and since then, she refused to have sex with him.

On Friday around 10:00 p.m., Royce asked Katherine to sleep in his bed. When she refused, he told her that she would be sorry.

Royce grabbed his gun and fired multiple shots at Katherine, hitting her in the behind. Katherine was rushed to the Lee Memorial Hospital, where she was treated and released.

Deborah, who lives in the couple’s home, witnessed the attack.

Deborah told police that she heard the couple arguing about their sleeping arrangements before the gun went off. Royce denied intending to shoot his wife, saying he only wanted to hit the mattress to scare her.

Man walks into Sears changing room multiple times to take pictures of naked women

The suspect
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A man visited Sears many times, but he did not buy anything from the department store, according to police in Florida.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said that on Tuesday around 6:00 p.m., an unknown white male entered the woman's dressing room within Sears, and took photographs of a 31-year-old female while she was changing.

The unknown male exited the store prior to law enforcement's arrival.

Further investigation revealed that the unknown male frequents Sears, but employees have been unable to identify him.

Anyone with any information about the suspect, is asked to call the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

Anyone with any information regarding the identity and whereabouts of this suspect, and wants to be eligible for a cash reward, is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-873-TIPS (8477).

The manager of Sears located at 686 Brandon Town Center Mall, confirmed that the man was seen multiple times at the store, but he did not make any purchase.

The suspect was described as a white male, 25 to 35 years of age, approximately 6 feet tall and weighing 200 pounds. He has brown hair and a goatee.

Couple gets death threats after charging woman cleaning fee and penalty for canceling appointment following miscarriage

Dean and Charlotte Coutts
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) The owner of a carpet cleaning company said that he is shocked over the amount backlash he is receiving over a customer's bill.

Ben and Vicki Harbour said that they have received hundreds of abusive messages, including death threats, and they now stand to lose their freedom, business and their home.

Ben, 35, said that he was treated as a hardened criminal when he stood up for his company’s policy.

The incident began after Dean and 22-year-old Charlotte Coutts ordered Clean Carpets Plymouth to clean the carpet in their home.

Two hours later, she cancelled the appointment. They agreed to reschedule at a later date.

Two weeks later, the company sent the couple a message, asking when they are available, but Charlotte replied that she will not need their service because she was rushed to the hospital and she miscarried her first child.

Two weeks later, the couple received a bill for £85 ($106), but they told the company via text message that they will not pay the bill.

The couple was informed that they will have to pay another £1,000 ($1,250) in “admin fees.”

Charlotte wrote about her experience on Facebook, where she said that she received more than 30 harassing text messages from the company.

When her post went viral, people threatened to kill the owner of the carpet business.

Others contacted the police. A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said that they are investigating the incident as it may have violated the malicious communications act.

Ben said that the entire incident was blown out of proportion and that he does not deserve the backlash.

Man is arrested for cursing pregnant neighbor who complained about his girlfriend's loud sex noises that last all night

William Mercer and Carla Baird
By: Tanya Clark

A man was arrested after he got into an argument with his neighbor at a Tesco parking lot over his loud sex sessions.

The pregnant woman of Scotland, called police to report that she was afraid of her neighbor who cursed her for complaining about his loud sex.

28-year-old Carla Baird told police that she is three months pregnant and she is being kept up all night by the love birds.

Baird had called police on the couple on three occasions. On one occasion, police noted that the man was not home when the woman filed her complaint.

One day, after shopping at Tesco, the woman met her neighbor William Mercer, 27, in the Tesco parking lot in Barrhead, and she confronted him over the issue.

“You need to tell your girlfriend to keep it down. It's ridiculous,” Baird told Mercer.

In response, Mercer allegedly shouted abuse at the pregnant woman, and warned her to stop calling police on him and his girlfriend.

Mercer was arrested after Baird told police that said she was afraid of him because he “shouted at her in an aggressive manner.”

The Paisley Sheriff Court heard that on a regular basis, Baird was kept up all night long by her neighbors’ loud sex sessions.

At trial, defense attorney Nadine Dormer asked Baird why she confronted the man at Tesco rather than knocking on his door and discussing the issue.

To which she replied: “I did, but I got absolutely nowhere.”

Pauline Heffron, 30, testified in court that she saw that pair in a heated argument on the day of the incident, but she did not know who started the altercation.

Mercer was then found not guilty of swearing and shouting at the pregnant woman due to lack of evidence.

Shoplifter dies after stolen glass bottles hidden in his clothing shattered and cut him

Crime scene (illustration)
By: William Martin

A shoplifter in the United Kingdom, died outside a store when glass bottles hidden in his clothing shattered and cut him.

Police arrested the store’s security guard because the glass bottles shattered while the shoplifting suspect was tackled to the ground.

Officers responded to reports of two men fighting at The Shires Shopping Center in Trowbridge.

Officers found the 30-year-old man dead. It was determined that the man suffered a “significant injury” when he was tackled by the security guard who worked at the store.

While the investigation is ongoing, Wiltshire police arrested the 20-year-old security guard. He faces a charge of manslaughter.

Police said that incident occurred at 3:00 p.m., when the security guard suspected that the 30-year-old homeless man, who was not identified, stole items from the store.

As the homeless man attempted to get away, the security guard tackled him to the ground.

The 30-year-old man had stolen a few glass bottles and hid them underneath his clothes. When he was tackled to the ground, the bottles broke and cut the man. He then died of blood loss.

Emergency workers were called, but they were unable to save the man. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said that the homeless man was suspected of being behind a number of shoplifting incidents in the town.

Dogs get order of protection against man who had sex with an animal

Chung Lin-fai
By: Mason White

A judge granted a restraining order against a man to protect dogs from being raped.

A construction in Hong Kong, was barred from having contact with any dog while on bail after he was accused of having sex with a stray dog.

58-year-old Chung Lin-fai was arrested at a bus station in Tung Chung, after a woman told police that she saw him using food to lure a stray dog ​​into a side street.

The woman said that some time later, she noticed the same dog with injuries. She took the dog to a veterinarian, who confirmed that the animal had been sexually assaulted by a person.

Police collected the semen as evidence, and are now awaiting the DNA results.

Lin-fai was charged bestiality and he now faces up to 10 years in prison.

A judge at the West Kowloon Court released on bail of HK $2,500 ($320), and ordered him to have no contact with any dog. He was also told to stay away from the Wong Lung Ravine area, where the alleged rape took place.

Boyfriend caught cheating by filing a complaint with Burger King on Instagram

Part of the Instagram exchange
By: Alexis Bell

A man was busted for cheating when he made the mistake of filing a complaint with Burger King on Instagram.

Jordan von Smith complained on Instagram, about Burger King’s slow service after “his girl” waited too long for a burger.

However, his live-in girlfriend, Shanlee Rose, saw the message and she became furious as she was not with him at Burger King the night before.

Instagram user @jordan_vonsmith86 wrote this sarcastic message: “My girl legit took 20 minutes ordering in the drive thru last night, those whoppers were worth it tho lol.”

To which his girlfriend replied:

“Umm excuse me @jordan_vonsmith86??? I don't recall going last night or ever liking Burger King. Who are you talking about?”

Rose then tried calling her boyfriend, but he did not respond. She followed up her question with “answer your f***ing phone.”

Smith replied: “you need to chill out, I was with @kitcass01 and we were just catching up.”

However, this backfired when @kitcass01 saw the messages.
She responded by saying: “please don't bring me into this.”

However, Jordan's girlfriend did not get away with it and she told @kitcass01: “You brought yourself into this you fat b***h.”

Rose then said: “Hope the whoppers were worth it. Your s**t is outside.”

Burger King customers got involved in the exchange. @ashclevenger wrote: “Did I seriously just witness a breakup on BK's Instagram?”

After the tweets went viral, they were deleted.

9-year-old girl wakes up to find her parents dead at home with their unharmed infant triplets

Crime scene (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A young girl called police after finding her parents dead on their living room floor.

Police in Houston, Texas, were called to the home at 4954 North Cancun Drive, at around 9:30 a.m.

There, the 9-year-old girl told police that she woke up to find her mother and her stepfather dead.

Det. Christopher Elder said that the girl heard her mother, who was in her late 20’s and her stepfather in his mid 30’s, arguing at about 1:00 a.m.

The girl said that she then heard gunshots. Neighbors told police that they also heard gunshots, but nobody called police.

Police found a gun that was used in what they called a murder-suicide. Police said that the man killed his wife before turning the gun on himself.

The couple’s 6-month-old triplets were in the home, but were unharmed. Authorities will hand the babies and the 9-year-old girl over to family members.

Daughter writes public obituary saying how relieved she is that her abusive father died

Graves (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A daughter’s obituary received a lot of attention after she was brutally honest about the difficult life she endured at the hands of her father.

Some people questioned the woman’s motive for publicly humiliating her father after his death, while others who were abused as children, supported her decision.

After the death of 74-year-old Leslie Ray Charping of Texas, his children seemed to be very happy and they thought that he lived too long.

His daughter wrote the obituary, stating that she wants to apologize to all of those who were victims at the hands of her womanizing father.

Charping was allegedly an alcoholic, and caused a lot of pain to his former wife, his two children and all those around him.

The obituary read in part: “His death came 29 years longer than expected and he lived much longer than he deserved.

“He leaves behind 2 relieved children; a son Leslie Roy Charping and daughter Shiela Smith, along with six grandchildren and countless other victims, including an ex-wife, relatives, friends, neighbors, doctors, nurses and random strangers.

“He will only be known for what he never did; being a loving husband, father and good friend.

“No services will be held, there will be no prayers for eternal peace. Leslie's remains will be cremated and kept in the barn until the family donkey's wood shavings run out.

“Leslie's passing proves that evil does in fact die and hopefully marks a time of healing and safety for all.”

After getting much attention, the obituary was removed from the website of the Carnes funeral home.

The woman later thanked all people who offered their condolences to her and her family, and to those who criticized her, she said that since they don't understand, “this means you had good parents, please treasure what you have.

“For those being cruel, please remember that you now resemble my father and I would be more than happy to write your obituary as well.”

Teen mother produces child pornography showing herself performing sex acts on her 3-month-old baby

Jazmine Nichole Pacyga
By: William Martin

A mother was arrested after she recorded herself performing sex acts on her baby.

The teenage mother has been accused of producing child pornography while sexually abusing her young son.

19-year-old Jazmine Nichole Pacyga of Michigan, allegedly removed her baby’s diaper and committed sex acts on the child.

Her parental rights have already been suspended, and she is currently in the Muskegon County jail.

Pacyga was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and manufacturing sexually abusive material. Bail for the young mother was set at $200,000.

Pacyga faces life in prison as she is charged as a second-time habitual offender. She has a prior conviction for felony home invasion, according to Muskegon County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Timothy Maat.

The baby was placed in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS,) who is looking for his father, according to court records.