Man drives drunk to police station for police job interview

Drunk man (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

A man’s dream to become a police employee has been dashed after showing up drunk to his interview at the police station, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Manchester police said that they have arrested 48-year-old Andrew Jackson, after being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Jackson has been charged with one count of drunk driving.

Jackson of Barlow Moor Road, appeared in court, where he pleaded guilty to drunk driving. A judge has banned Jackson from driving for a year, and he was ordered to pay a fine of $250.

According to the criminal complaint, Jackson applied for a job at the Greater Manchester Police. When he arrived for his interview, the person in charge of hiring new employee, smelled alcohol on Jackson’s breath.

The police worker then continued with the interview for an hour. Since Jackson’s breath continued to smell of alcohol, the police worker called a traffic officer to question him.

Jackson admitted that he shared a bottle of wine with his wife.

He was given a breathalyzer, which showed that he was above the legal limit for driving. Jackson’s job application was rejected.

Disney World employee admits to sexually assaulting babies and producing child porn

Richard Morgan
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A Disney World employee has admitted to producing child porn and sexually assaulting babies, according to police in Florida.

A spokesperson for Walt Disney World, announced that the employee has been placed on unpaid leave, pending the completion of the investigation.

Detectives with the Lake County sheriff's Cyber Crimes Unit arrested 57-year-old Richard Alton Morgan of 59 Lake Jackson Drive in Mascotte, after receiving a tip that child pornography was being shared from his residence.

Detectives arrived early Monday morning, and served a search warrant at his home, at which time numerous images of child pornography were discovered and collected.

Morgan admitted to downloading child pornography for years.

As detectives continued to review the evidence collected during the search, images were found of a young female who was being molested by Morgan.

Detectives learned that this child, whom he admitted to molesting, is now in California. Late last night, California authorities located the child and arrested her mother on molestation charges.

It is believed that the mother and Morgan met online.

Morgan is in the Lake County Detention Center, charged with possession of child pornography, production of child pornography, and lewd or lascivious molestation.

The investigation is ongoing as detectives have at least two more victims they are working to identify who possibly range in age from 10 to 15 months old at the time the images were made.

They are concerned that there may be even more victims.

Detectives would be interested to hear from any parents of children who have spent time with Morgan.

Man smuggles 12 bars of gold into country by hiding them in his rectum

Gold bars (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A professional smuggler in India, admitted that he routinely stuffs gold bars in his rectum in order to avoid customs officials at airports.

Hyderabad police said that they have arrested the man, who was not identified, after arriving at the Rajiv Gandhi airport from Singapore.

Customs officers at the airport stopped the man on Sunday, after the 5 hour long flight after walking in a suspicious manner.

The suspect was ordered to walk through an X-ray machine, which revealed foreign objects in his rectum. Police recovered 12 gold bars, weighing 800 grams and worth about $100,000.

Police also recovered an additional 8 gold bars in his luggage hidden inside LED lights. The suspect admitted that he hid the gold bars in his rectum before boarding the flight in Singapore.

The man had the gold bars in his rectum for more than 5 hours.

A gold smuggler revealed that the maximum amount of gold people should hide in their rectum is 800 grams.

He also advised potential smugglers to practice walking normally with gold bars hidden in the rectum to avoid the suspicion of customs officers around the world.

Restaurant offers large discounts to families with well-behaved children

Discount for well behaved children
By: William Martin

A restaurant owner in Italy, announced that he has decided to offer large discounts to families with well-behaved children after numerous customers complained about too much noise.

Antonio Ferrari of Padua, said that at first, he thought that it is impossible for parents to control their children, and he learned to live with the noise.

However, all of that charged when parents with five children sat for several hours at one table, and they behaved very well.

When it came the time to pay for their meal, Ferrari offered the family a 5% discount because they controlled their children and did not bother other customers.

Since then, Ferrari has awarded two other families with discounts for their well behaved children.

The restaurant owner estimates that around 30 percent of parents have no idea how to keep their children under control, and many more have kids who won’t listen.

Often, children run around the restaurant, bothering other customers and causing waiters to drop their food. Ferrari, who does not have any children, agrees that it could be difficult to control small kids.

Some parents told Ferrari that their children can do whatever they please because a restaurant is a public space.

Mother and daughter caught working as prostitutes at Motel 6

Tanja and Darcel Gammon
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A mother and her daughter were placed behind bars after police caught them working as prostitutes at a motel, according to police in Florida.

Kissimmee police said that they have arrested Tanja Gammon, 57, and her daughter, Darcel Gammon, 31, both of New Jersey, after being accused of offering to perform sex acts on an undercover police officer.

Both were charged with prostitution. They were booked into the Osceola County jail, pending a bail hearing.

According to the criminal complaint, police officers found an ad on, which was posted by the mother and daughter team.

In the ad, they wrote that they had awesome attitudes and personalities, and enjoyed performing sex acts without condoms.

Police called the phone number listed in the ad and arranged to meet at Motel 6. Police officer Ramy Yacoub knocked on the door of the motel room, and Tanja opened the door.

She immediately grabbed the officer’s private parts and pulled him into the room. Yacoub called for backup, and Tanja was arrested.

When police searched the bathroom, they found Darcel, who was dressed in sexy lingerie. Police believe that the mother and daughter worked together as a team.

Real estate agent and her boyfriend use drone to peep into bathrooms and bedrooms of their neighbors

Terisha Lee Norviel and Aaron Dennis Foote
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A real estate agent is in trouble after being accused of recording bathrooms and bedrooms in her neighborhood without the permission of the homeowners, according to police in Utah.

Orem police said that they have arrested 34-year-old Terisha Lee Norviel, and her boyfriend, Aaron Dennis Foote, 39, after being accused of flying a drone around the city and recording their neighbors’ bathrooms and bedrooms.

Both were charged with one count of voyeurism by electronic equipment. Norviel, who works as a licensed real estate, is a mother of six children.

Foote has recently been arrested for assaulting Norviel during a domestic dispute.

According to police, the suspects were caught after a very alert citizen saw the drone through his bathroom window and was able to follow it until it touched down.

The victim got up early in the morning to prepare for work. He was in his bathroom taking a shower when he heard a buzz. He immediately recognized the noise as a flying drone.

The man got into his truck and followed the drone in an attempt to find the owner. The drone landed in a church parking lot, but no one was there.

The man took possession of the drone and called the police.

When detectives examined what the drone had recorded, they found several videos of people in toilets and bedrooms. The videos also showed images of the suspected drone owner flying the device.

Dog named Mary Jane survives being thrown off 150-foot cliff twice

Andres Spancky Raya throwing dog off cliff
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A dog is lucky to be alive after its owner threw it off a cliff at least twice, according to police in California.

The Los Angeles Police Department said that they have arrested 21-year-old Andres Spancky Raya, after being accused of throwing his female pit bull mix down the edge of a hill.

Raya faces two felony counts of cruelty to an animal. In court, Raya pleaded not guilty to the charges.

According to the criminal complaint, Raya threw his dog, Mary Jane, off a cliff in the 1300 block of Luella Drive, to a ravine 145 feet below.

Two days later, he did the same thing again. Luckily, the dog survived. Bail was set at $65,000. If convicted as charged, Raya faces a possible maximum sentence of three years and eight months in prison.

90-year-old husband fatally shoots his wife on Valentine's Day

Elderly couple (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) An elderly man shot and killed his wife during an altercation as the country was celebrating Valentine's Day, according to police in California.

The Los Angeles Police Department said that they have arrested the 90-year-old husband, who was not identified, after being accused of shooting his 72-year-old wife.

He is facing a charge of murder.

According to the police investigation, the incident began with the husband and wife having a verbal argument. At some point, the husband pulled out a shotgun and shot his wife once.

The husband then called for help. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. Police officers who arrived at the scene, recovered the murder weapon and took the husband into custody.

Judge bans woman from getting pregnant because she is a prostitute and drug addict

Smiling woman (illustration)
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A judge has ruled that a woman is now allowed to get pregnant until she regains custody of her children, who were removed from her custody due to drugs, alcohol, and prostitution, according to court documents in New York.

Family Court Judge Patricia Gallaher of Rochester, said that she prohibited Brandy F. from becoming pregnant in order to improve her chances for being rehabilitated.

Brandy admitted in court that she is addicted to drugs and alcohol. The woman’s four kids have been removed from her home due to her prostitution and use of drugs.

Gallaher ruled that the mother is guilty of neglect and cannot have custody of her children or have any additional kids. Several months ago, Brandy gave birth to a baby who was addicted to drugs.

The baby was removed from her care as soon as the child exhibited withdrawal symptoms. Two other kids were removed from her care because they were born with a drug addiction.

A 16-year-old boy was removed from her care after police learned that he had access to hypodermic needles. Brandy admitted to using cocaine and alcohol while pregnant with her baby.

Brandy’s attorney vowed to appeal the no pregnancy order, saying that the judge lacks the authority to ban a woman from having children.

How To Teach Your Children To Behave Properly In A Restaurant

Child eating (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

Going out to eat at restaurants with children can be difficult as kids do not have much patience to sit around.

Here are some tips to make eating out with children more fun and quiet.

Give your children something to eat before you go so they are not very hungry. Hungry children are cranky.

Take along coloring books and crayons, or papers and stickers to keep the little ones occupied.

Take along snacks that they love and that take time to eat so they are busy with their food for a while.

For a bit older kids, you can take along LEGO. People will rather see your children playing on the floor nicely than have them fighting or crying from boredom.

Tell your child that people don't like loud noise while they're eating.

In case the ordered food takes a while to come, take your children on walks outside the restaurant.

If children misbehave at restaurants, then start by going out for small meals or just for dessert, but not to upscale restaurants.

If the children misbehave, take them to the car and wait with them until the rest of family is done eating. After doing so two or three times, they will learn to behave and you will be able to enjoy years of happy and peaceful meals.

You can also ask for your check and carry-out boxes, and finish the meal at home or in a nearby park, where your children can run around while you relax and finish your meal.

Former police officer kills drummer at bar before calling police on himself

Brian Mytych
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) People in Florida, are devastated over the senseless death of a well-known and beloved drummer.

The drummer, 33-year-old David Patrick Brown, has been playing at the Hennessy's Bar and Grill on Forest Lakes Boulevard in Oldsmar, for a long time.

He loved the eatery and he was training to become a cook there. However, he was not able to fulfill his dreams as he was killed by a former police officer.

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said that 43-year-old Brian Mytych, who is an 18-year veteran from Michigan, got into a fight with Brown, last week.

Mytych, who was drunk, was ordered to leave the bar, and when he refused, he was arrested.

Yesterday, he returned to the bar, despite getting a trespass warning. People including Brown asked him to leave, and he complied.

However, he returned with a 45-caliber handgun, and he fatally shot Brown, who is an Army veteran.

Mytych then told all the other customers to leave and he called 911 to turn himself in. He stayed on the scene until the deputies arrived and arrested him.

He was charged with one count of first-degree murder.

Brown leaves behind a wife and son.

Man kills his friend for refusing to dance at birthday party they hosted together

Dancing in club (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A man in India, was arrested for killing his close friend over a dance at a birthday party.

21-year-old Ketan Shirvadkar of Mumbai, is accused of killing his friend, 25-year-old Ankush Jadhav, after he refused to dance at a birthday party, which they had organized for another friend.

According to Andheri police, the incident occurred at around 4 in the morning.

On Tuesday, a group of five friends, including Jadhav and Shirvadkar, decided to organize a party to celebrate their friend's birthday.

After the men drank alcohol, Shirvadkar asked Jadhav to dance, but he refused. Shirvadkar became furious and the two started arguing.

At one point, Shirvadkar grabbed a piece of wood and hit Jadhav over the head.

Jadhav was rushed to a hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Shirvadkar was arrested over his friend’s death.

Makeup artist who cannot resist men made deal her boyfriend she can sleep around but he must stay faithful

Beatrice Gibbs and Adam Gillet
By: William Martin

A young woman of the United Kingdom, fell in love with a man, but she admitted that she cannot stay faithful.

The woman told her boyfriend that the only way she was going to stay with him is if he will stay faithful to her and that he never cheat on her.

27-year-old Adam Gillet agreed to stay faithful.

However, his girlfriend, 22-year-old Beatrice Gibbs of Milton Keynes, told him that she cannot commit to sleeping with just him.

She gave him an ultimatum. If he wanted to stay with her, he will have to allow her to sleep with other men, while he must stay faithful. Otherwise, she was going to leave him.

Gillet agreed to the terms in order to stay with her. However, he admits that he has “pangs of jealousy” when Gibbs talks about the other men she sleeps with.

Gillet said that he has learned to deal with his feelings of jealousy and he just stays quiet in order to keep his girlfriend happy.

The woman said that she has sex with five different men and she had kissed many guys since starting her open relationship with Gillet 18 months ago.

Gibbs is very happy with the situation. She said that it was the perfect situation as she has a boyfriend whom she loves, but she also gets to have fun with other men when she wants to.

Gibbs has received a lot of criticism for being selfish. She said that some people think “I'm having my cake and eating it too, but we are happy and we're not causing any harm to anyone.”

“I don't feel guilty as we both agreed to our open relationship. I know it must be difficult for my boyfriend, but it is the only way we could be together,” Gibbs said.

BMW driver blocks police speed camera to save drivers from getting ticket as revenge after he was ticketed

Chris Welford blocking the camera
By: Mason White

A man of the United Kingdom, who was unable to get out of a speeding ticket, took revenge in a unique way.

23-year-old Chris Welford said that he got a ticket when he first began driving about five years ago, after he was caught speeding by the camera inside a police van in Skelton, North Yorkshire.

Recently, he spotted the van in the same spot where he was ticketed, and he decided to get revenge.

Welford had one hour to kill so he parked his BMW in front of the police van and opened his trunk in order to obscure the camera's view of passing cars.

Welford said that people honked their horn at him in approval of his actions while others called him a hero.

He also spotted two police officers in an unmarked car. He said that they stopped and looked at what he was doing before they drove off without saying anything.

He then posted a photo of his actions to Facebook, where it went viral.

People loved his antics. “One person got in touch with me and said ‘not all heroes wear capes,’” Welford said.

However, Welford said that after the news of his antics spread, police came to his home and warned him that if he blocked the camera again, he can be arrested on charges of harassment.

Son finds his mother naked and stabbed to death with her eyes gouged out

Frans Maela (left) and Tanya Wiers
By: Alexis Bell

A teenager came home from school to find his mother naked and dead with her eyes missing.

The teenager of South Africa, called his father Rolf Snr.

The man called his wife’s friends and asked her to quickly go to the home after his son was incoherent and said something about her being dead.

Police said that the scene was extremely shocking and one of the most gruesome murders they have ever seen.

Police said that 44-year-old Tanya Wiers, who was a mother of three children, was murdered at her home in Polokwane. She was stripped of her clothes, stabbed 21 times and her eyes were gouged out.

The home was in disarray, pointing to a robbery gone wrong. The married mother was found dead in her daughter's room while her master bedroom was vandalized as the thief was looking for items.

Police arrested 25-year-old Frans Maela in connection with the brutal murder.

Edwel Community Policing spokesman Brigadier Motafela Mojapelo said that the victim had defensive wounds, which made it evident that she fought for her life.

“There was so much blood and her defensive wounds tell their own horrifying story,” Mojapelo said.

20-year-old good-looking woman arrested for robbing three banks

Adrianna Frye-Williamson

(Scroll down for video) Police have arrested a good-looking woman who is accused of being behind bank robberies.

Adrianna Frye-Williamson of Springfield, Illinois, is only 20 years old and she is already facing a long prison sentence
for the charges after robbing three banks.

Police said that the robberies took place in a span of two months.

The FBI along with detectives from the Edwardsville, Glen Carbon and Springfield Police Departments worked together to gather information before Frye-Williamson was arrested.

During the robberies, Frye-Williamson wore sunglasses and a hooded sweatshirt.

Detectives from the Edwardsville Police Department, who investigated the case, contacted the Glen Carbon police after the description of the two robberies appeared very similar.

In the Edwardsville robbery, police said a woman in a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses walked into the bank, approached the teller, claimed she had a gun and asked for money.

She then fled the bank on foot with an undisclosed amount of money.

So far, Frye-Williamson was charged with two counts of bank robbery. She was booked in the St. Clair County Jail.

Father finds his 14-year-old daughter working at strip club

Young girls working at the strip club
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A father in China, was horrified when he found his daughter working in a strip club.

The father of Shanghai, who was identified as Zhang, said that he walked into Mook, a popular club along Nanjing West Road, where he found his 14-year-old daughter.

She was dressed in revealing clothing, and she was serving alcohol to customers.

The father said that he was shocked to see her sitting behind the bar, wearing heavy makeup, cosmetic contact lenses and false eyelashes.

“Her neckline was exposed, and I was scared to death when I saw her like this,” Zhang said.

Zhang immediately tried to convince his daughter to come home with him. However, she escaped through the back door and disappeared. She refused to answer her father's calls.

Desperate to bring his daughter home safely, Zhang contacted police and he spoke to reporters about what had happened to bring awareness to the problem of underage girls being used in strip clubs.

Zhang eventually made contact with his daughter, who told him that she was not the only minor girl working in the bar.

The girl revealed that there were at least six other girls under 16 years old who are working there.

An investigation uncovered that a girl who was only 13 years old was working in the bar.

Since these findings, officials in the Jingan district announced they will conduct more frequent inspections at entertainment venues.