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10-year-old boys urinated on tied up naked man and told him to eat dog food

By Tanya Clark 1:33 PM January 16, 2018
Dog food (illustration)

A man who was employed by an evil family was tied up and abused for days, according to police in Scotland.

Lanarkshire police have arrested 45-year-old James McPhee, 65-year-old Robert McPhee, 37-year-old Steven McPhee, and 38-year-old John Miller after being accused of abusing 43-year-old John Anderson over a period of 24 years.

All suspects are facing more than 30 charges, including slavery and assault.

They pleaded not guilty at the High Court in Glasgow.

According to the police investigation, Anderson was homeless when James offered him work.

Anderson agreed and began working for James and his family.

Anderson told investigators that whenever James was unhappy, he punched and kicked him.

Anderson ran away several times because he could no longer take the abuse but James tracked him down and dragged him back to his home.

On one occasion, Anderson was tied up and locked in a shed.

James came into the shed and took off his clothes.

Later, two 10-year-old boys entered the shed and urinated on Anderson.

They then told Anderson to eat dog food.

Anderson was locked up in the shed for two days.

On another occasion, Anderson was locked up in the shed and a boy poured gasoline on his body.

James then instructed the boy to light a match and throw it on Anderson.

The boy complied, but luckily, the gasoline did not catch fire.

Anderson told the court that he thought he was going to be burned alive and begged for his life.

He promised James that he will never run away again if he spared his life.