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15 good Samaritans including 14-year-old girl arrested for feeding the homeless in a park

By Tanya Clark 1:29 PM January 16, 2018
Volunteers getting arrested for feeding the homeless

People in California are blasting politicians for instructing the police to arrest volunteers who were feeding the homeless.

El Cajon police officers have handed out citations to 15 good Samaritans, including a 14-year-old girl, for feeding the homeless at the Wells Park.

All suspects were charged with violating municipal code 1.28.010, which prohibits food sharing in public spaces.

They face a prison sentence and up to a $1,000 fine.

Politicians claimed that they banned sharing food in public spaces in order to control a hepatitis A outbreak.

However, activists claim that the city just really wants to get rid of the homeless as police never hand out citations to people sharing food at birthday parties in public.

On Sunday, the volunteers organized an event during which they gave the homeless food, clothing, and shoes at the Wells Park located at 1153 E Madison Avenue.

El Cajon police officers quickly arrived at the scene and wanted the volunteers to stop feeding the homeless.

When they ignored the orders, all of them got citations, including 14-year-old Ever Parmley.

Matthew Schneck said that he will not be apologizing for being arrested while doing a good thing.

Leslie Gollub said that police did nothing to people who were sharing food at a birthday party at the same time.