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16-year-old boy shot dead at courthouse by deputy who was attacked by the child’s family

By William Martin 7:45 AM January 19, 2018
Joseph Haynes

A family is furious over the death of a teenager who was fatally shot inside a courthouse by a deputy who was attacked by the child’s family.

16-year-old Joseph “Joey” Haynes of Ohio was in juvenile court for a hearing regarding a charge of menacing with a firearm.

During his appearance at the fifth floor of the Franklin County Courthouse, an altercation broke out between a deputy, who has not yet been named, and family members of the teen.

At some point, the deputy was thrown to the ground and assaulted by the family.

The injured officer, who according to Deputy Chief Rick Minerd was under attack and fighting for his life, fired one shot.

The shot hit Haynes in the stomach. He was rushed to a hospital, where he died. The injured officer was also taken to a hospital, where he is recovering.

According to court documents, in 2016, Haynes was arrested on a charge of domestic violence and for carrying a concealed weapon.

Keith Daniels wanted to share his family’s side of the story.

He wrote on GoFundMe: “Joey had court yesterday in the Franklin County Juvenile courts. Being his legal custodial parent, of course, his mother accompanied him, alongside his grandmother for support.

“The hearing was actually continued and Joey was being given a future court date.

“The judge was upset that Joey wasn’t willing to take the plea deal and it sparked a bit of tension in the courtroom. Joey’s mother was asked to leave the room because she was agreeing with Joey on the matter and encouraged him to not sign the papers.

“The deputy proceeded to try and force her out of the courtroom. Because she wasn’t moving fast enough to his liking, the deputy started pushing her, without her belongings, into the hallway and continued his vocal assaults against Joey and his mother.

“When Joey’s mother returned the favor and argued back, the officer got even more irritated, got louder, and a little more violent. That’s when Joey tried to intervene to protect his mother.

“At first, he was yelling, telling the officer to ‘stop,’ and ‘get off of his mom,’ but when his pleas fell on deaf ears, he grabbed the officer’s shoulders and tried to push him away from his mom. This decision proved to be fatal.”

The family is asking for donations to cover funeral costs