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18-year-old model auctions her virginity to buy parents a house and pay for business school

By Emily Lewis 1:58 PM January 17, 2018
Nicole selling her virginity

A teenager who dumped her much older boyfriend because she was scared decided to sell her virginity to the highest bidder in order to have enough money to buy a house for her parents.

18-year-old Nicole of Italy said that when she was 16-year-old, she began working part-time as a model.

She found a much older boyfriend who loved her very much.

He wanted to marry her, start a family, and stay with her for the rest of her life but Nicole became scared and split up with him.

Nicole then began planning her future.

She decided to move to the UK and attended the Cambridge University to study business.

Since her family has no money, Nicole decided to turn to Elite Models VIP, which is a website that sells virgins to the highest bidder.

She hopes to get $4 million like other teenagers who sold themselves on Elite Models VIP.

The current highest offer for Nicole is $1 million.

She will use the money to pay for college and buy her parents a house.

A doctor will verify Nicole’s virginity before the winner of the auction has sex with the teen.

Nicole said that she does not want he parents to know about this because they would be devastated.

However, since her story and photos are all over the Internet. they will find out soon.