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2 armed teens held up convenience store and demanded a single dollar before fleeing

By Mason White 1:18 PM January 24, 2018
$1 (illustration)

The owner of a convenience store is trying to figure out why teens decided to hold up his employee for a single dollar bill, according to police in Massachusetts.

Brockton police said that they are looking to arrest the two teens who were not identified after being accused of pulling out a large knife and demanding $1 from the store employee.

The teens face charges of armed robbery.

If convicted, they face many years behind bars all for a single dollar.

According to the police investigating the incident unfolded on Tuesday, at around 12:30 p.m.

The two teens, who were described as Hispanic and about 16-years-old, entered the Brockton Market and Deli, which is located at 238 Forest Avenue.

One of them pulled out a large hunting knife and they then demanded the cashier give them $1.

The teens fled on foot after getting the $1 they demanded.

The employee ran after the teens but they managed to escape.

Police asked anyone with information about the suspects to come forward.

Ine teen was wearing a red sweatshirt and a white shirt while the other suspect was seen with a white hooded sweatshirt.