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2 gasoline thieves blow themselves up while trying to repair puncture holes in fuel tanker with blow torch

By William Martin 1:24 PM January 24, 2018
Gas tanker blows up

Two thieves who have made millions of dollars by stealing gasoline from fuel tankers ended up in the hospital after blowing themselves up during a robbery, according to police in India.

Hyderabad police said that they have filed charges against two brothers, Raju and Jagdeep Kulal, after being accused of sparking a huge explosion while pilfering fuel from a tanker.

They are both facing charges of theft, arson, and criminal damage.

Both suspects are currently at the Gandhi Hospital, where they are being treated for severe burns.

Doctors do not yet know whether the two brothers will survive.

According to the police investigation, 10 years ago, Raju and Jagdeep began stealing small amounts of fuel from tanker trucks and selling the gasoline on the streets.

After a few years, the brothers had enough money to purchase their own fuel tankers.

They opened a welding shop, where they continued to steal gasoline from fuel trucks.

The brothers cut deals with the truck drivers and gave them some money to keep quiet about the thefts.

On Friday, at around 2:00 p.m., after Raju and Jagdeep made holes in a tank to steal gasoline, they tried to use a blow torch to repair the damage to the truck.

However, the sparks ignited the gasoline and it exploded.

Surveillance video showed flames shooting 30 feet in the air.

Pedestrians were seen running away in panic following the explosion.

3,000 gallons of gasoline were destroyed as a result of the fire.

The flames eventually ignited another fuel truck and a gasoline station.

3 firefighters were taken to a hospital after suffering injuries.

A total of 18 people were injured as a result of the blast.