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2 police officers suffer hallucinations after eating pot brownies while on duty

By Emily Lewis 1:34 PM January 31, 2018
Vito Dominelli

Two police officers were rushed to a hospital after eating pot brownies while on duty, according to police in Canada.

The Toronto Police Service announced that they have suspended police officers Vito Dominelli and Jamie Young without pay after they suffered hallucinations while on duty.

The two police officers could face numerous charges after the Professional Standards Unit completes their investigation.

The incident unfolded on Sunday afternoon.

The two police officers were on duty when they ate pot brownies near Eglinton Avenue West and Allen Road.

Dominelli and Young began suffering from hallucinations and went into their police cruiser.

Dominelli then called for help on his police radio.

A colleague who came to help slipped on ice and hurt her head.

Police officers who arrived at the scene took their sick colleagues to a hospital, where they were treated and released.

Police raided the Community Cannabis Clinic after learning that Dominelli and Young’s pot brownies came from that particular marijuana dispensary.