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2 sisters sexually abused for 6 years by the father of their friend

By Emily Lewis 5:01 AM January 14, 2018
Thomas Curran

A father was jailed for sexually abusing 2 girls who were friends with his son.

According to police, 47-year-old Thomas M. Curran of St. Louis, Missouri, sexually abused the two sisters when they came to his home.

The older sister was 12-years-old when she told an adult that she had been sexually abused for 6 years.

Police soon determined that Curran had also been sexually abusing the victim’s sister who is 3 years younger than her.

In court, Curran apologized to the girls and their family who considered him a friend.

“I know what I did was sick, and I was wrong. I can’t ever give them back the things that I took from them,” Curran told the family.

In a plea deal with prosecutors, Curran pleaded guilty to three counts of statutory sodomy and two counts of child molestation. In exchange, five other charges against him were dropped.

St. Louis Circuit Judge James Sullivan said that he agreed to the condition of the plea agreement in order to save the sisters from the trauma of a trial.

The judge sentenced Curran to five years on each count. However, due to the plea deal agreement, they will run concurrently. Curran was also ordered to register as a sex offender for life.