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21-year-old woman marries herself in dream wedding after being diagnosed with terminal illness

By William Martin 6:09 AM January 26, 2018
Yang Chunyan

A young woman decided to marry herself in a dream wedding after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Like most women, 21-year-old Yang Chunyan of China dreamed of having a beautiful wedding with the perfect gown.

Sadly, for her, last month, after being diagnosed with leukemia, Chunyan’s partner left her.

Chunyan, who always wanted a big white wedding, feared she might not live long enough to realize that dream.

One day, when her cousin who lives in another city came to visit, the two discussed their dreams and goal.

Chunyan mentioned that she will never get to walk down the aisle and have the wedding she always wanted.

The cousin decided to help her realize that dream and contacted the Zhenshanmei Volunteer Association charity organization.

They prepared Chunyan’s dream wedding. Although there was no groom and Chunyan’s family does not live in the area, they invited people from the neighborhood to participate in the event.

The ceremony was held at the Wulong People’s Hospital in Chongqing.

The happy bride was walked down the aisle by the charity event organizer. She then cut her wedding cake with the help of volunteers.

Chunyan also expressed her desire to donate her organs after her death. At the end of the wedding, Chunyan was seen signing a document to become an organ donor.