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27-year-old cousins rape 8-month-old baby and leave her fighting for her life

By Emily Lewis 11:50 AM January 31, 2018
Crying baby (illustration)

Police were called to a hospital after a baby was brought in with severe injuries to her private area.

According to police in India, the girl was rushed to the hospital in Delhi on Sunday after her parents returned home from work to find their baby’s bed covered in blood.

The doctors determined that the 8-month-old girl was violently raped.

The child had to undergo a three-hour surgery to repair the damage caused by the “brutal” attack.

The girl is fighting for her life and doctors are hopeful that she will recover.

Police arrested the child’s 2 cousins who are 27-years-old.

They were charged with rape under the Child Sexual Offenses Protection Act. If convicted, they could be sentenced to life in prison.