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3 teens took homeless man to restaurant before running away laughing without buying him meal

By Emily Lewis 5:22 AM January 5, 2018
The girls outside the restaurant

A group of teens are facing backlash online after a video showed them humiliating a homeless man.

Sally Cudmore said that she was at a restaurant in London, England, and witnessed the incident.

Cudmore saw the sad homeless man and quickly bought him a meal.

She then wrote about the disturbing incident on Facebook: “I can’t believe what myself and other people just witnessed in Woolwich this evening.

“Three loud girls came storming in with their cameras filming and taking pictures of a homeless man strolling along behind and they were saying: ‘We are going to pay for your dinner and buy you Nando’s.’

“They told the man to sit down. The three girls went to the counter and spoke with staff before going outside to smoke cigarettes.

“The homeless man eventually became suspicious and approached the counter to ask if there was a meal ready for him.

“He was told ‘no,’ while the girls stood outside recording him and laughing.

“They had no intention of ordering him any food. Instead, they followed him, laughed and terrorized him. Absolutely disgusting. I hope you are all proud and it made you feel good about yourselves. The poor man was so upset.”

After people online named and shamed the girls, one of them took to social media to defend herself.

She claimed that they offered the homeless man a drink, but he harassed them and said some inappropriate things to them, causing them to be scared.

She said that they offered the man a meal as a way to get away from him.

“I walked into Nando‚Äôs and told the staff member that we were pretending to order food so the man would leave us alone. The man at the counter went along with it,” the woman said.

Cudmore responded to the teen, saying that she has a video of the group taunting the homeless man as he was walking down the street, proving that they were not afraid of him.

After the girls and their families suffered backlash over her posts, Cudmore removed them from Facebook.