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3 young teens kill 11 chickens by stomping on their heads after breaking into school farm

By William Martin 8:05 AM January 3, 2018
Chickens (illustration)

Police were called to a school over a disturbing animal cruelty incident.

Officials at the Westlands secondary school in Kent, England, called police after kids broke into the facility and viciously killed the animals on the farm.

Officers have arrested three boys, aged 12, 13, and 14 after they killed 11 chickens by stomping on the heads of the animals.

They then turned their attention to a pig on the farm and used sticks to beat it to death.

The boys opened the pens of 2 cows and some piglets, allowing the animals to roam free.

The students left behind a trail of blood as they ran away from the school’s property.

They 3 boys are facing charges of animal cruelty and criminal damage.

The principal, Jon Whitcombe, said the school had the farm for many years “and the children really benefit from the opportunities it provides.”