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40-year-old man gropes joggers behinds because their backsides looked too beautiful

By Alexis Bell 1:49 PM January 18, 2018
Suspect groping Jesse Ratu's behind

A woman was shocked to get her behind groped while she waited for the elevator in her apartment building, according to police in Australia.

Queensland police said that they have arrested a 40-year-old man and he has been charged with the alleged sexual assault of two female joggers on the Gold Coast.

It is alleged that at around 7:30 a.m., on Sunday, a woman was walking towards her Southport apartment building when the man approached her from behind.

The woman walked into the building and pressed the button of the elevator.

It was then that the suspect touched her behind multiple times.

It is also alleged that the same man touched the behind of another female jogger on Oxley Drive at Hollywell.

The 40-year-old Hope Island man has now been charged with two counts of sexual assault.

He is scheduled to appear at the Southport Magistrates Court.

24-year-old Jesse Ratu identified herself as the woman who was groped inside her apartment building.

Ratu just finished her morning jogging when the suspect approached her from behind.

After the man groped her several times, Ratu turned around and asked him why he did that.

The suspect replied that she just had the best behind he ever saw so he had to touch it.

Ratu ran to her apartment and told her partner what had happened.

Ratu’s boyfriend tried to run after the suspect and confront him but he already left the scene.

Ratu called the police and they released video of the attack.

Eventually, the police were able to track down the suspect and he was arrested.