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69-year-old man holds girlfriend hostage while demanding sex from her sister and niece in front of children

By Mason White 7:25 AM January 3, 2018
James King

A man is being held without bail after he terrorized his girlfriend’s family with demands of sex.

69-year-old army veteran James Bernard King from Victoria, Australia, was in Cambodia when he was arrested for locking up his 38-year-old girlfriend, her younger sister, and niece.

He then demanded sex from them.

Police spokesperson Kirth Chantharith said that King is accused of locking up his partner You Kea, her sister, You Chang Reth, 27, and niece Touch Ratana, 22, when they visited his house.

Reth son, 6, and daughter, 2, were also at the home and were terrified by the ordeal.

According to police, King locked the door and made it impossible for the women to leave.

“He told his girlfriend to prepare a meal while he ordered the sister and niece to go to the bedroom to have sex with him. He did not allow them to leave his house,” Chantharith said.

The victim begged King to let them go before they finally managed to contact a relative, who notified the police.

When officers arrived, he refused to open the door. Officers then used force to enter the home and rescue the 3 women and the 2 children.

Thankfully, no one was sexually assaulted.

Sihanoukville prosecutor Chab Sok Raksmey said King has been charged with illegal confinement, which carries a jail sentence of 1 to 3 years.

King, who was in the country on a tourist visa, is being held without bond because he is a flight risk.