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7-year-old boy suffers severe burns after lighting himself on fire as part of YouTube “Fire Challenge”

By Alexis Bell 8:11 AM January 5, 2018
Lit match (illustration)

A young boy was rushed to a hospital after lighting himself on fire as part of the YouTube “Fire Challenge,” according to his mother of North Carolina.

Porshia Walker of Salisbury said that her 7-year-old son, Rondarius Barndhart, watched video on YouTube, showing people lighting themselves on fire as part of the popular “Fire Challenge.”

The boy then decided to imitate what he saw in the videos.

He took an aerosol can and sprayed the contents on his shirt.

He then used a cigarette lighter to set his shirt on fire.

Barndhart began to scream as the fire continued burning.

Walker was not home at the time of the incident but her father watched the boy.

When he heard the boy screaming, he ran into his room and was shocked to see the child on fire.

He tried to extinguish the flames but was unsuccessful.

Barndhart then managed to rip off the shirt from his body.

The boy was rushed to the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Barndhart suffered third-degree burns to his face, arms, and hands.