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Animal shelter worker stole dog and then claimed to have been robbed at gunpoint

By Alexis Bell 1:20 PM January 22, 2018
Sarah Spokes with Polly

Workers at an animal shelter were very distraught and frightened after a coworker claimed one of their dogs were stolen at gunpoint.

Police in Illinois were called at 6:15 a.m. after the male employee of the South Suburban Humane Society in Chicago Heights said that he was enroute to a clinic when the dog was stolen.

The man, who has not yet been identified, told police and Emily Klehm, the CEO of South Suburban Humane Society, that he saw a dog in distress at the side of the road.

He claimed that he stopped to rescue the animal when an armed gunman came up to him and demanded the dog named Polly at gunpoint.

At that time, Klehm said that she was unsure if the suspect targeted the shelter or if the gunman specifically wanted that bulldog.

Polly had been adopted the day before the incident by Humane Society’s employee Sarah Spokes and was taken to the clinic before going home with its new owner.

She, her coworkers, and many people in the community were in fear of the gunman and they were greatly concerned over the dog’s welfare.

While investigating the incident and looking for the gunman, police discovered that the victim’s story was not adding up.

The man eventually admitted that he lied and made up the story about the gunman after he gave the dog to his friend.
Police recovered the dog. Polly was unharmed and was reunited with Spokes.