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Baby dies after suicidal man jumped from building and landed on top of him

By Tanya Clark 11:39 AM January 7, 2018
Roman Polishchuk with his son

A baby died in front of his horrified father when a suicidal man jumped from a building and landed on top of him.

Anna Polishchuk of Ukraine went into her parents’ home for a few minutes while her husband Roman was waiting for her outside with their young son.

At that same time, a man decided to jump out of an eighth-floor window of that building.

The horrified father witnessed the moment 39-year-old Yevgeny, a construction worker in Zaporizhia, landed on his son, crushing the child to death.

An ambulance arrived and the paramedics frantically tried to save the 21-month-old boy. When Polishchuk heard the commotion, she came outside.

Sadly, the boy and the suicidal man died at the scene despite the desperate efforts of the paramedics to revive them.

Police are investigating whether the man was drunk when he decided to jumped and commit suicide.