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Bank employee receives fine for writing “HELP” on fogged-up glass sparking chaos

By Emily Lewis 8:05 AM January 15, 2018
"HELP" written on fogged-up window (illustration)

A bank employee was punished after a prank that was meant for his coworkers sparked chaos.

Police in Connecticut said they were called to the Wells Fargo Bank on Church Hill Road in Newtown at around 8:45 a.m. by a concerned customer.

The man said that he went to the bank and saw the word “HELP” written on fogged-up glass.

Fearing that someone was in trouble, the man called his wife, who is in the banking industry, and she advised him to call 911.

He called the police. Lt. Aaron Bahamonde said that when they called the bank, nobody answered the phone.

Shortly after the officers arrived, they saw several people in the bank, carrying out what appeared to be business as usual. However, officers were unable to get inside as the door was locked.

They knocked on the door until they got the manager’s attention and told him about the 911 call.

The manager told them that the employee wrote the word “HELP” as a joke.

He added that the door was locked and the phone was not answered because it was before the bank’s opening hours.

Officers spoke to the employee, Alexis Barry, 31, who carried out the prank. He has been issued a $103 fine for creating a public disturbance.

Bahamonde said that the joke was not funny as officers feared there was some kind of robbery or hostage situation inside.