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Boy broke into home and watched mother and 7-year-old daughter sleep while playing with himself

By Alexis Bell 12:57 PM January 8, 2018
Terrell Morgan

A teenager was caught on surveillance video breaking into a home and committing an indecent act while a mother and her underage daughter were asleep, according to police in Texas.

On Monday, deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a residence on Paladera Place Court in reference to a burglary of a residence.

Deputies arrived at the scene and met with the homeowner who advised that she reviewed video surveillance at her residence and observed an unknown man enter her home while she was asleep.

Deputies reviewed the video surveillance and observed the suspect outside the residence for about an hour before entering.

Deputies believed the male suspect entered the home through an unlocked window on the side of the house.

Once inside, the suspect is seen on video surveillance from inside the residence entering all rooms of the house, including the bedroom where the homeowner and her 7-year-old daughter were sleeping.

The woman said that when she woke up, she found a stain on her bed that was not there the night before.

The stain appeared to be bodily fluid.

Police eventually arrested 17-year-old Terrell Morgan after getting fingerprints from a water bottle he left at the scene.

Morgan has been charged with burglary.

He was booked into the Montgomery County Jail and his bail has been set at $250,000.