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Boyfriend freaks out as girlfriend forces him to eat food she chewed and spit out

By Mason White 1:54 PM January 14, 2018
Girlfriend (illustration)

A man is seeking help as his girlfriend forces him to eat the food she already chewed and spit out from her mouth, according to a letter that was posted on the Internet.

The 23-year-old man, who calls himself iPiPrince on Reddit, said that he loves his 25-year-old girlfriend and believes she is his soulmate.

He also said that the woman is perfect for him expect the issue of forcing him to eat her chewed up food.

The man wrote: “I met this beautiful woman about 7 months ago at an alumni function. We hit it off and honestly, she’s everything I could ask for. I’m not sure if I’m still in the honeymoon phase, but so far, everything is working out and she even moved in with me two months ago with no problems.

“However, this past holiday season, she started doing something gross. Honestly, it’s so disgusting, I haven’t even asked my friends or family for help on this matter. One morning, I woke up pleasantly surprised to see that she was cooking breakfast.

“When I looked at my scrambled eggs, it looked really really sketchy. It looked way too moist. My girlfriend told me she used a fancy cheese, which is why it was extra moist and smelly. I believed her and ate it. The texture was absolutely horrendous, but taste-wise it was fine. She beamed and started planning our holiday.

“A few days later, we were cuddling and doing a couple of things. She brought strawberries and whipped cream to bed. We had some fun with the whipped cream and she fed me the strawberries. Then she chewed up one and fed it to me. I thought it was weird, but I was so horny, I didn’t mind. We finished the rest of the strawberries in the same manner.

“Now, she’s starting to chew her food and feed it to me, and not in a sexual manner. Steak, chicken, salad, eggs, etc. It’s so disgusting. When I tell her to stop, she starts crying and says I don’t love her enough. All of our fights are about this issue. I eventually eat some and it’s so gross. I recoil whenever I think about the texture.

“Help. I thought maybe she needs to talk to a therapist or maybe I should contact an ex-boyfriend to see if he went through something similar. She is perfect for me except for this one issue.

“She’s very attractive and needs constant validation. She makes me eat her regurgitated food as proof that I love her. Besides this, she’s honestly my ideal partner. I don’t want to throw this away.”

A woman offered the man some advice.

“If she doesn’t respect the fact that you are not into her chewing up your food then she doesn’t love you. Tell her that and see what she says when you say she doesn’t love you. Chances are she will have a meltdown at that too. I’m a girl and I’m telling you, run, don’t walk,” the woman wrote on Reddit.