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Boyfriend pretends to be police officer and robs man who was having sex with his girlfriend

By Emily Lewis 6:51 AM January 18, 2018
Robert Roser

A man allowed his girlfriend to advertise her services for sex with a stranger before he robbed the customer.

According to police in Florida, the victim from Pasco County responded to the ad on Craigslist to have sex with a woman.

When he arrived at the house the woman shared with her boyfriend, she took him into a room.

There, the victim took all his clothes off and the woman took off her shirt and bra, police said.

That is when the woman’s boyfriend, 39-year-old Robert Roser, entered the bedroom, flashed what appeared to be a police badge, and declared that this was a police sting operation.

Roser proceeded to search for the victim. He took $60 in cash, a cell phone, and keys from the victim, according to police.

Roser told the victim that he was giving him a warning and told him to leave. He escorted the victim out to his car and waited until he left.

The victim then called police to report the incident. Roser was arrested on a charge of strong-arm robbery.