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Bride dies on wedding night after groom uses metal pole to consummate marriage

By Alexis Bell 10:08 AM January 17, 2018
Bride and groom (illustration)

A family went from celebrating their daughter’s wedding to saying goodbye to her at her funeral.

Dr. Fatima Sheerin from Pakistan wrote about the incident on Twitter: “One of my patients died of excess bleeding, which was apparently due to really severe post-coital tears. Because the cuts were grave and didn’t seem like PCTs, we convinced her father to approve autopsy.

“Turns out her husband was a psychopath who used iron bars while having sex with her.

“That woman died on her reception day. She died for f***k’s sake. Can’t we educate our children about sex?”

When Sheerin was questioned whether the husband was arrested, she replied that instead of seeking justice for his daughter, the father was talking about forgiving the groom so that he does not face any charges.

“We didn’t follow court proceedings. The bride’s father was already thinking of pardoning the suspect because they were related,” the doctor said.