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Bus driver nearly chokes passenger to death for ringing stop bell too many times

By Alexis Bell 12:06 PM January 1, 2018
Bus driver assaulting David Perez

A bus driver lost his temper after a passenger kept ringing the stop bell, according to police in Colombia.

Cartagena police are investigating the public transportation bus driver who was accused of beating passenger David Perez and nearly choking him to death.

According to witnesses on the bus, the incident unfolded on Tuesday evening during the rush hour commute.

Perez began ringing the stop bell to make sure that the driver, who was not identified, knew that he had to get off.

Perez kept ringing the bell despite repeated warnings from the driver to stop.

When the driver had enough of the ringing, he stopped the bus and approached Perez.

The driver then assaulted Perez, who curled up in a fetal position to defend himself.

The driver then put his hands around Perez’s neck and choked him.

Passengers jumped in and pulled the driver away.

Perez filed a complaint with the police and the driver was questioned.

The bus driver defended his actions, saying that Perez kept ringing the stop bell and annoyed everyone.

He also claimed that Perez was the one who kicked him first.

So far, no charges have been filed.