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Bus driver pulls over during route to help pregnant woman in labor

By Tanya Clark 4:03 AM January 16, 2018
Tayetta Currin

A bus driver in Wisconsin is being hailed a hero after she was seen going out of her way to help a pregnant woman who was in labor.

The Milwaukee County Transit System has released a surveillance video from inside the bus, showing one of its drivers stopping to help the pregnant woman in labor.

According to RideMCTS, bus driver Tayetta Currin was on her route when she saw a woman walking on the side of the sidewalk and appeared to be struggling.

Currin pulled over to see if the woman needed help. She soon discovered that the woman, who was seven months pregnant, was in labor.

The driver helped the woman get onto the bus. Two passengers helped her sit down while Currin called an ambulance. Currin waited with the pregnant woman until help arrived.

Currin and the passengers helped the woman get off the bus when the Wauwatosa Fire Department arrived. They transported the woman to a hospital.