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Children behead police inspector who was vacationing with his family and keep his decomposing head in church

By William Martin 1:15 PM January 22, 2018
Police officer fighting rioters (illustration)

A group of children and a priest were arrested after the decomposing head of a police inspector was found in a shrine, according to police in Nigeria.

Cross River police said that they have arrested 54-year-old Valentine Ebani after being accused of murdering Michael James who was the head of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Enugu.

Along with Ebani, police arrested Patrick Edet, Famous Archibong, Benjamin Abakum, Ndifon Arong, Wisdom Inok, and Effiong Odu after being accused of rioting and killing the police inspector.

All suspects are facing numerous charges, include murder.

According to the police investigation, James and his family were visiting their in-laws when they stopped at gas station to purchase fuel for their Toyota Sienna.

The suspect attacked the police inspector while he was refueling his vehicle.

The children beheaded James and set his vehicle on fire.

They then fled the scene.

Police searched for the suspects and they were found at the church headed by Ebani.

Police found James’ decomposing head in a shrine at the church.

Police also found James’ underwear, guns, and ammunition.

James’ body was never recovered.