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Christian woman who did not want to have sex before marriage selling her virginity after religious boyfriend cheated on her with 2 girls

By Emily Lewis 11:30 AM January 3, 2018
Bailey Gibson

A devout Christian woman from Wisconsin announced that she will sell her virginity to the highest bidder after her boyfriend admitted to cheating with at least two girls.

23-year-old Bailey Gibson lived in California with her adoptive parents.

She wanted to live a religious life, but after her boyfriend deceived her, she decided to profit from her body.

Gibson said that she grew up nestled in a gated community in the suburbs of Sacramento.

She was adopted at 1-year-old and grew up with very strong Christian values as her adoptive father was an elder at their church.

Gibson grew up very sheltered.

She was not allowed to watch TV, listen to any music other than Christian, have friends over, or have sleepovers ever.

Her adoptive parents sent her to an all-girls boarding school in Stockton, Missouri, when she was 16-years-old.

It was a strict Christian academy and she had absolutely no contact with boys the entire time she was there.

Needless to say, the lack of male company and deep religious study contributed to her becoming an adult virgin.

Gibson eventually moved to Wisconsin to live with her biological grandmother.

While living with her, she found a boyfriend and moved into a home together.

Her ex-boyfriend was a Christian, and at the time, she did not wish to have a sexual relationship until after marriage.

Knowing she was a virgin, her boyfriend respected her values for a while.

Eventually, Gibson learned that he slept with his ex-girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

She then found out that he had also slept with someone else on their first date.

As a result, Gibson decided that she was going to get something for her virginity.

She looked into selling her virginity and found Dennis Hof and the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

She is now auctioning her virginity to the highest bidder at the world’s most popular legal brothel.