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City threatens to make man homeless if he continues to allow homeless people to sleep in his home

By Alexis Bell 8:30 AM January 8, 2018
Greg Schiller in his basement

A man may soon be homeless just because he does not want homeless people to freeze to death.

Greg Schiller of Chicago, Illinois, said that with temperatures dropping and not enough places for homeless people to sleep, he decided to open his home for them.

Schiller, who calls the homeless people his friends, invites them over for “movie nights.”

Schiller stays up all night with his guests, and he gives them hot drinks and snacks while they all watch movies together.

He has cots and sleeping bags for those who want to sleep. No more than 15 people stayed over at one time, Schiller said.

Last year, he held the “sleepovers” in his garage, but after EMTs were called to treat one of the homeless people, the city learned about his charitable actions and they warned him against it.

This year, Schiller decided to hold the “slumber parties” in his basement, but the city of Elgin was not amused.

They sent Schiller a letter, stating that he has 24 hours to clear out his basement or they will condemn the house and he will be homeless.

City officials said that the arrangement is illegal due to problems of zoning, public safety, and property maintenance.