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Company vice president jailed after attaching photo of nude boy to business email

By Emily Lewis 7:56 AM January 8, 2018
John Campbell

A man ruined his long-standing good reputation when he was busted on child pornography charges after attaching a photo of a nude boy to a business email.

66-year-old John Campbell worked for 40 years at the Texas grocer H-E-B.

He was vice president of the company when he was arrested for distributing a photo of a nude underage boy.

Campbell was convicted of 48 counts in connection with the child porn.

He faced up to 600 years in prison.

He was sentenced to 10 years on each of six counts of promotion of child pornography and 8-year sentences on each of 42 counts of possession of child pornography.

However, he will only spend a total of 10 years behind bars after the judge allowed him to serve his sentences concurrently.

Defense attorney Charlie Baird said that Campbell was “bored after 40 years with the same company and he was seeking some excitement, something that would give him a rush, but he was a total novice.”

Campbell apologized for his actions. He admitted to being a workaholic and sex addict who watched porn daily, including at work.

“I am ashamed and heartsick that I had gotten into that situation. It brought my career to a close and brought shame to my family,” Campbell said.