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Criminal court judge caught driving drunk late at night

By Alexis Bell 11:36 AM January 3, 2018
Gurdip Atwal

A criminal court judge in Minnesota said that he plans to return to his courtroom despite pleading guilty to drunk driving.

Ramsey County District Court Judge Gurdip Singh Atwal, who is also known as G. Tony Atwal, 43, was caught by police driving drunk in the middle of the night on Monday.

Atwal pleaded guilty to driving while impaired as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Charges of careless driving and failing to stop at a stop sign were withdrawn in exchange for the guilty plea.

Hennepin County Judge Shereen Askalani sentenced Atwal him to 20 days in prison.

Atwal will be allowed to serve his time at home.

He was also ordered to pay $900.

Atwal vowed to return to work presiding over criminal cases.

According to the police investigation, a police officer noticed Atwal speeding on Kellogg and John Ireland boulevards at about 12:45 a.m.

When Atwal was pulled over, the officer noticed that he had bloodshot and glassy eyes.

The judge’s speech was slurred and he failed field sobriety tests.

The officer smelled a strong alcohol odor.

Atwal admitted at the scene that he drank 2 glasses of wine.

A blood test showed that his blood alcohol content level was at 0.17 percent or about twice the legal driving limit.