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Cyclist severely injures ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend by crashing into them with his bike

By Mason White 5:44 AM January 5, 2018
Holly Blake and Paul Gallon

A man severely injured ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend when they walked past his place of business.

36-year-old Paul Gallon of North Tyneside, England, was arrested after he used his mountain bike as a weapon to hurt his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

Holly Blake, 33, was walking with William Nicholson, 44, when Gallon came from behind and drove his bike into them at full speed.

Blake was severely injured and rushed to a hospital with head injuries. She was reportedly left with life-long injuries.

Nicholson suffered a broken eye socket, fractured temple, and a shattered cheekbone. He has made a full recovery.

Prosecutor Kevin Wardlaw said that “this was a crime of passion, it was a crime of anger.”

However, Gallon’s defense attorney Brian Mark said that Nicholson had threatened to harm his client’s family by phone and text messages before this incident.

Gallon was set to go on trial this week before Judge Stephen Earl, but his attorney asked the judge for a subpoena for phone records so that they can prove their case.

The judge granted their request.

When questioned by police, Gallon allegedly admitted that he intended to hurt Nicholson but he denied having any intent to harm his ex-girlfriend.