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Doctor who had wife killed to protect drug ring commits suicide behind bars

By Emily Lewis 8:12 AM January 29, 2018
April Kauffman (left) and James Kauffman

A disgraced doctor who was accused of hiring someone to kill his wife was found dead in prison.

68-year-old James Kauffman of Linwood, New Jersey, was accused of using his medical license to run a drug ring together with Ferdinand Augello, 61.

In 2012, the doctor’s wife, radio host April Kauffman, 47, wanted a divorce. The doctor and his partner feared that she was going to expose their drug operation.

According to prosecutors, the two hired Francis Mulholland, 46, to shoot and kill her. Mulholland was paid at least $20,000 to carry out the murder, according to court records.

However, one year after the murder, before he was able to face justice, Mulholland died. His death was ruled to be a result of a drug overdose.

6 years after her murder, police collected enough evidence to prove that the doctor was behind his wife’s death.

He was being held without bail while awaiting trial when he committed suicide by reportedly hanging himself with a bedsheet.

He also left a six-page suicide note, according to authorities.

Augello, 61, was charged with conspiring to murder James Kauffman.