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Driver causes fatal car accident while trying to forcibly kiss passenger

By Emily Lewis 1:29 PM January 24, 2018
David Nandi and the crashed van

A driver and his passengers were taken to a hospital after being involved in a single-vehicle crash.

One person died at the scene while three others recovered at the hospital after the van they were traveling in crashed before rolling over several times.

The accident occurred on the Sigalagala–Butere highway in Kenya.

Caroline Musanga and Moses Makhanu, who were in the van, said that the driver of the seven-seater van, David Nandi, tried to kiss the front passenger but she resisted.

According to Makhanu, when she and the passengers told him to stop, the driver threatened to kick them out of the vehicle.

“The driver told the lady how he loved her and wanted to marry her. He then tried to kiss the woman by force,” Makhanu said.

When he bent over to forcefully kiss the woman, he lost control of the vehicle and crashed. The woman, who was the subject of the forceful kissing, was severely injured and she died at the scene.

The driver suffered serious head injuries. One of the other passenger’s left leg was fractured and the right hand was dislocated while the fourth person suffered back pain.

They were all transferred to the County Referral Hospital in Kakamega.

Police chief Geoffrey Njogu confirmed the accident.

Village elder, Jacob Iloilo, who arrived at the scene soon after the crash, said that Nandi appeared to be drunk.