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Driver jailed for fatally running over drunk woman who passed out in middle of road

By Alexis Bell 5:00 AM January 14, 2018
Tomas Marcinkus and Claire McKenzie

An immigrant milk delivery driver was jailed after he ran over a woman who was lying in the middle of the road.

29-year-old Tomas Marcinkus of Wolverhampton, England, was driving a Mercedes Sprinter van at 3:30 a.m. when he hit something.

Marcinkus told police he assumed that he hit a garbage bag but he did not stop the check what he ran over.

According to police, Marcinkus drove over 35-year-old Claire McKenzie, who was passed out drunk in the middle of the road.

Prosecutors told the court that McKenzie had been at a birthday party, where she drank alcohol with friends. She was taken home safely, but she then decided to go out to get some food.

On her way back home, McKenzie was unsteady on her feet and she fell to the ground.

While lying there, Marcinkus drove over her torso, causing fatal injuries.

Prosecutors told the court that the driver “would have had a clear view of the victim if he was not distracted while lighting a cigarette.”

Marcinkus admitted to police that he lit his cigarette at the time of the accident.

Christopher O’Gorman, who was the defense attorney for Marcinkus, told the court that his client came from Lithuania to the UK two years ago and had an unblemished work record.

Marcinkus pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving. Judge Mark Wall QC sentenced Marcinkus to 12 months in prison and he was banned from driving for two years.