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Elderly couple lives with 63 dead cats in their freezer because they ran out of burial space in the backyard

By Emily Lewis 2:02 PM January 23, 2018
Tired cat (illustration)

A couple in Florida who took in many stray cats into their home ended up living with many dead animals in their freezer.

66-year-old John Ellis and his wife, 70-year-old Cheryl Smith, lived in a home in Valrico for many years.

Ellis is a disabled Army veteran who is taking care of his disabled wife, a former nurse.

Smith suffered from severe scoliosis, which caused her spine to curve.

Many years ago, the couple began taking into their home stray cats.

The cats kept multiplying and soon their entire home became covered in cat feces and urine.

The cats destroyed the house with their paws.

When the cats began dying, Ellis buried them in his backyard.

Eventually, he ran out of burial space and kept dead cats in the freezer.

Recently, the Hillsborough County Code Enforcement ordered that the house must be cleaned up.

Aaron Slattery of Spaulding Decon decided to restore the home.

He agreed to make repairs and replace the couple’s furniture, which cost $25,000.

The house was covered in bed bugs, as well as urine and feces from cats, rodents, and other animals.

The house was no longer livable and was hazardous to the health of the sick and disabled couple.

Slattery said that the worst part was finding 63 dead cats in the couple’s freezer instead of being stocked with food.

After working hard for 5 days, Slattery made the home look like new.

Ellis and Smith are looking forward to moving into their new home and they have promised not to allow any cats to live with them.