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Elderly man jailed for throwing his semen on women for 40 years

By Tanya Clark 12:36 PM January 21, 2018
Michael Morris

An elderly man managed to terrorize women over a long period of time before being jailed, according to police in Pennsylvania.

Bethlehem police said that they have arrested 59-year-old Michael Morris after being accused of throwing his semen on many women.

Morris pleaded no contest to 3 counts of indecent assault at the Lehigh County Court.

Judge Robert Steinberg sentenced Morris to up to 6 years in prison.

He will also have to register as a sex offender for life.

According to the police investigation, Morris began committing sex crimes 40 years ago.

He kept his semen in a bottle and squirted it on women.

Morris usually committed his crimes in public places such as supermarkets.

The final assault was committed against a woman who was shopping at the Valley Farm Market in Bethlehem.

The victim told investigators that she was shopping for food when Morris approached her from behind.

He pulled out a bottle and squirted fluid on her.

The woman ran away and called the police who confirmed that the fluid was semen.

DNA linked Morris to numerous attacks over a period of 40 years.

Morris’ defense attorney, Andrea Olsovsky, told the court that his client suffered from mental illness.