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Elementary school physical education teacher strips naked and chases 7-year-old students in playground

By Alexis Bell 2:07 PM January 23, 2018
Playground (illustration)

A teacher who was supposed to play with young kids stripped naked and chased them around a playground, according to police in California.

Los Angeles police said that they arrested the teacher, who was not identified, for scaring the students and causing the school to go on lockdown.

School officials said that the incident unfolded on Friday, at around 1:00 p.m., at the Carthay Center Elementary School.

The teacher was hired for the second grade for physical education.

He was supposed to help the children with exercise and play, but instead, he took his students out to the playground and stripped naked.

He then ran after his students.

The 7-year-old kids panicked and ran away.

Some children ran back into the school building and reported their teacher to the principal.

The school was briefly put on lockdown.

Police responded to the scene and arrested the teacher.

A construction worker who happened to pass by the school captured the naked teacher running after the students on his cell phone.

The construction worker said that all of the young students saw their teacher’s private parts.

The school made mental health counselors available to all students.