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Employees use Costco shopping cart to deliver unwrapped raw meat to store

By Mason White 8:21 AM January 29, 2018
Jim's Farm Meat Company employees with the meat

A meat company is facing backlash after a Facebook photos showed their employees delivering unwrapped raw meat using a Costco shopping cart.

Officials in California said that they have launched an investigation after the photos showed exposed meat, which is a health hazard.

In the photos that were posted to Facebook, the men were seen delivering the unwrapped meat in Costco shopping carts to a 99 Ranch Market in San Jose.

After Loretta Seto posted the photos to Facebook, people called the health department to file complaints.

Seto wrote: “Beware: Costco shopping carts, Automation Parkway in San Jose.

“We were at the 99 Ranch Market across from this Costco and saw their vendors delivering meat with Costco shopping carts!!

“Talk about disgusting! I’m usually okay with sticking the kids in the seat of the basket, but this is a whole new level of gross. Beware.”

The Clara County Department of Environmental Health is now investigating the incident.

The meat vendor, Jim’s Farm Meat Company, said that both employees in the photos have been fired and he is investigating the incident.